• It should be lowered for students in sophomore year (10th grade)

    Lately, students in high school have been furious of Trump being voted for president. It is well known that a teenager’s brain is still developing, but they do know who’s better to vote for. I’m a student in junior year (11th grade) and I knew that Trump wouldn’t be a good president from the start. If we could lower the voting rights, I would choose to lower it to 15 years because they have confidence in who is better, who had better reasons, and pretty much will vote for the better person. Apparently the adults were too Focused on Hillary and Trump that Sanders was eliminated. Sanders is who most of my school had wanted to vote for, but couldn’t due to the age. Most of them immediately had to think out of the two, which could be better. Since Trump was voted, the entire school went crazy mad. And the adults realized they chose the wrong person. Well, it’s too late now isn’t it? Look at what he has done so far. What did he do for America? What benefits came from him? Does he support those in military? From what I’ve read on the CNN.Com, He doesn’t do anything good for us. Lower the voting rights to 15, and you will be amazed at how good the next president would be, thanks to us.

  • It should be lowered to 16

    I know you guys will disagree but I think you can drive and work you can vote, yea 16 is young but they are not idiots they kind of know the way the world works. C'mon guys don't you think if you were 16 you could vote for any president you wanted.

  • It should be lowered to 14.

    I know you might think that parents might tell their kids to vote for their choice but kids have there opinions. Kids opinions should be voiced and heard. I believe 14 is the age at which most teenagers are knowledgeable enough to be trusted to cast an informed vote. It should be lowered to 14.

  • It should not be lowered

    I don't think that voting ages should be lowered because younger kids don't know the political facts behind the actual candidate. They would vote for facts that are not actually true, but bad or good things about the person that they heard or misheard from a friend or from online lies.

  • No right to vote should not be given to teenagers

    Because teenagers are not totally matured . They can't take right decisions on their own as they still are under care of parents. They do not have more knowledge about politics .It's a stupid idea to give right to teenagers to vote.The brain are still developing of teenagers under 18

    Posted by: suzi
  • Voting Age is Already too Low

    The voting age is already too low. It should be moved to 25. Immature people, some of whom haven't even graduated high school or held a job, represent a huge voting bloc. They have no responsibility and yet are allowed to have input into what older, more responsible people with jobs should do.

  • No, people under 18 are not responsible enough to vote

    I do not think the voting age should be lowered. Teenagers under 18 tend to be impulsive and irresponsible. It does not seem wise to entrust them to such decisions as voting for the president when their brains are still developing. If the voting age were lowered these teenagers would unlikely do their research or be subject to peer pressure.

  • Eighteen is just Right

    I don't believe that we should lower the voting age below eighteen. My reasoning for this is that teenagers below eighteen are still minors, and under their parents care. As such, since teenagers under eighteen have legal custodians, they should not be able to vote since they do not have as much control over their lives.

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