Should we make a bigger deal out of Administrative Professionals' Day?

  • Administrative Professionals are necessary staff in companies of all sizes.

    Many see the role of an administrative professional as mundane, but those individuals are typically the first point of contact for an organization large or small. They need to field customer questions and complaints while also maintaining the office's day to day operations. They need to order supplies take care of finances and heed requests from management. These individuals need to be recognized as crucial parts of the professional team.

  • Administrative Professionals Deserve More Recogniation

    Administrative professionals are, more often than not, the glue that hold their offices together. Tasked with the day to day operations of the office, as well as assisting their bosses in completely their projects and tasks, Administrative professionals carry a large amount of the burden of keeping their corporate environment running smoothly. Taking a mere one day out of the year to stop and appreciate that should be given more notice.

  • No, we should not make a bigger deal out of Administrative Professional's Day.

    We have too many special "Days" as it is, adding this one is just excessive. Add to that, patting administrative professionals on the back is kind of like "the rich get richer". They have made it to a higher position, so they know they are better than the average Joe.

  • No, acknowledging the existence of Administrative Professionals with a designated "Day" is enough recognition.

    I disagree that a bigger deal should be made of Administrative Professionals' Day. The people who function in this role are simply doing their job and, by the very nature of the job, prefer to work behind the scenes in support rather that up front in full view. The tasks they perform should be appreciated by the one(s) they support frequently so that the denoted "day" need to be overdone.

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