• I think he deserves one

    I'll bring the Lays Staxs chips. Others can bring donuts and cookies if they want. I think a moderator such as him deserves a party. He's such a fair guy too. This is the one site where I've been treated with warmth. First site where I know no partiality. Sure sometimes I get mad, but this site cheers me up a little. Thank you for all who have welcomed me. Anyways, he deserves a party.

  • The Shoes Or The Technology

    I do not believe I have every thrown a party for a pair of shoes, so I will assume we are not talking about Nike's Air Max shoes, though they are lovely. Rather, we must be talking about Airmax, which this site indicates: airMAX M series Technology provides performance improvements in latency, throughput, & scalability compared to other outdoor systems in its class. Sounds like a good thing to throw a party for, to me.

  • If they want one.

    Yes, if Airmax really wants one or the customers/users of it really want to participate in the party I do not see why not. Everyone and all companies should have the right to celebrate if they want to especially if they have something great worth celebrating. So, yes they should have a party, could be fun.

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