• Damaging the wildlife

    Yes, I do think that we need to try to end offshore drilling. It is not good for the environment, even when everything is going right. When something goes wrong, like we recently seen, then awful things can happen and at least thousands of animals can be killed at one time.

  • Halt the drilling to help animals.

    We should make an effort to end offshore drilling. It is apparently hurting wildlife and cutting their chances for survival a great deal. Since we are supposed to help other species survive and care for our planet, we need to halt this drilling. It can be done in small increments while converting to another form of energy, but it needs to be done.

  • Yes we should make an effort,

    To end offshore drilling and we should also make sure that if we continue to drill offshore for oil that we need to make sure that the people working in oil companies are safe and that the environment is safe as well so that problems do not arise for the workers or the environment.

  • End offshore drilling.

    The world is already in a crisis with carbon emissions, ozone holes, and global climate change. Offshore drilling only adds to the problem. For one, there have been too many catastrophic spills. Secondly, war is fought over oil. Thirdly, oil is what caused most of our global warming in the first place.

  • Offshore drilling should stop.

    With all our safety precautions, advancements in alloy, valve and pressure manipulation, we cannot predict nature, nor can we protect ourselves fully from it. Offshore drilling is particularly susceptible to this kind of danger. There is always a risk. Even in the most typical of conditions, we are not truly in control. The BP oil disaster is a prime example of how we do not truly control our fate when it comes to the ocean.

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