Should we make it illegal to mention God at all in our government according to the first amendment?

  • Yes we should not mention God in our government because we only mention one God and one religion.

    In prayer and the pledge of allegiance, we only mention the Christian God and not Buddha, the Catholic God, and no God for the Atheists. We are supposed to be equal and by only paying attention to Christianity, we are basically being unequal to other religions in the United States of America.

  • Yes, we should make it illegal to mention god in government.

    We should definitely remove God from all government functions. The government is about making laws and policies based on facts and statistics. God is not real and therefore should be excluded from talk in regards to government. If people want to pretend that God exists to make their lives feel like it has meaning then that is fine. The intelligent people in society should not be punished as a result.

  • Yes, religion has no place in politics.

    Far too many times, politics have been dictated by religion. The chances of an atheist to go into politics is far less than that of a religious man, regardless of qualifications. Religion has no place in politics, and yet, it influences it greatly. Churches are given tax exempt status, atheists cannot get elected, and political issues that would not even be discussed are an issue in politics in because of religion. Religion should be apart entirely from politics, and a politicians religion should be kept unknown.

  • It would be wrong to not mention The Lord.

    God gave us everything including our blessed homeland. If we forsake the one who gave us everything then we will be punished for it and our nation might suffer a quick or long death. It seems that people who would take him out are traitors to the country considering God gave us this country and we should be thankful. Thank you and God bless America.

  • Freedom of speech is guaranteed in our nation

    Our nation was born on God's word so why take that away. Infact most of the laws that we make today are parrallel to christian beleif. Without God's word in our government how can people decipher whats wrong and right in life. We would have to look to ourselves. I mean people can bassically say that murder is legal because we have no base of our belief. Plus if you ban God from the government your taking away peoples' freedom of speech.

  • That would amount to tyranny

    To ban the government from talking about God is to go against everything this great country has stood for -- freedom of speech. It would be giving big government more power over our lives. It would end up making us like the Roman Republic or Nazi Germany -- where Christians (especially Protestants) were persecuted.

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