• Purge the Xenos Worshipping Furries by the Will of The God Emperor of Mankind

    Listen, Furries are cancer. That is an established and undeniable fact. What do we do with cancer, We kill and remove it. Therefore we must logically kill and remove all furries from the universe. This is why the xenos loving furries must be exterminated in a great crusade.

    To do this it must be made legal to kill furries. Checkmate Atheists

  • They just have brain damge

    Furrys think they are/can be animals so that means we can shoot the sons of bitches ok killing a person is a crime but they don't see them selfs as a person but an animal so we can shoot them if wa can't get i past the law maby we can get as far to be seen as a mental disease so we can put them in an asylum for mentaly ill

  • Kill them all

    We need hitler to come back and kill all the furries this time because they r evil and rape animals and a lot of them r pedophiles as well so they also rape kids and that is why we should kill all furries and if u disagree then u should be killed to

  • They are gross

    Sending me furry porn is unexpected and not welcomed to me. You dress as animals and f**k one another as animals. Who gets off to this? Imagine loving to f**k people dressed as animals. I can't relate at all. They're gross and unwanted by me and millions of others around.

  • Theyre f***ing ugly asf i f***ing hate them


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    Jk. Nj kj. Kn jkbyvhjnb ghv tghbv chgm vvykv y vyuvkvhj yuhcv jhb yv j, Yvj, Byujv jmvyhj, Hvuvyhjv hjjvyh hjvgh hjvyhjb jkugyhjb jugbv hjb ub hj ujbyhjmbub knubhjvhjnm yv hkjm, Vy ghnb ujhb jmniugbhjmjb kuv hjbujh nmlbvyhj nmvyjhnmb v jbugibkjm n ghkbgvh khv hmnbygihjmv hblj, Bjhnihbkjvh kbj jb jubkj njb, Hv nmjbl

  • f**k furries dirty cunts should all die they make me sick we are humans not f***ing animals

    They are dirty pieces of shit f***ing cunts we should slit open their necks and watch them bleed out on the street as we burn their costumes to f***ing ashes then piss on their corpses. They should be wiped of this planet f***ing 40 year old fat bastards living with their parents

  • Yes cuz i said so

    Because they deserve death and nothing else than death death death Because they deserve death and nothing else than death death deathBecause they deserve death and nothing else than death death deathBecause they deserve death and nothing else than death death deatth Because they deserve death and nothing else than death death death

  • They should die

    They are disgusting and if they want to be animals we have the right to kill them the animal sex loving fucks they should all die i hate them so much they are so dumb and so gay i want to shoot then all they suck suck suck suck suck

  • Proven facts about furfags

    They’re f***ing degenerates, And killing them off would save countless generations of children from debauchery. Here’s some facts about furries:

    - 78% of all furries are pedophiles Who use fursuits to lure little kids.
    - 98% of furries are bestiality fetishists
    - 60% of furries Are Nazis and hold radicalist views
    - Every furry masturbates to animal porn. Proven fact.

    And you can call me false, But here’s a proven fact too, Any furry who claims not to do or be anything listed above is lying. Furries are filth, Anyone vouching for furries is one as listed above.

    Research rainfurrest to see what filth these people are. Any large gathering of furries should be the result of a government round up scheme.

  • Okay don't get me wrong they're the bane of my existence

    Furries are one of the most f***ed things to exist, We all want to send them to hell earlier, (Yes, Furries go to hell) but they're mentally not right. Somehow their brains can't understand that ANIMALS ARE NOT HOT! So really it would be like killing a bunch of re****ed people that screw animals.

  • Let furries be what they want

    People can be furries if they want to. No need to murder people for what they like. If you don't like furries, Don't get involved. It's as simple as that. Don't go out of your way to be an asshole, Criminal, And murderer. Let people be themselves. There are no exceptions

  • U guys need help

    ~first things f***ing first u guys are f***ing sick for even coming up with this post
    ~we don't not believe we r animals that is otherkin/therians
    ~we r still human beings we deserve to be treated as such
    ~this is wrong to think this this is mass murder
    ~we r just artists doing our hobbie
    ~ its not a fetish for most of us only like 15 percent

  • Lmao yes for the meme, No for reality

    I would say yes just for the meme and for the joke, But I'm going to take this unnecessarily serious.

    Killing a furry is obviously just murder, Like killing another person. . . In general. It's a personal kink, And as long as it doesn't harm anyone without consent, Then it shouldn't be a problem.

    Then again I am taking this unnecessarily seriously. Not because I am a furry but because I see topics on this website as a serious manner.

    Have a nice day.

  • Is this a joke?

    Furries are simply people clad in animal costumes. They practice a hobby, Like reading or dressing up. Of course, Not all furries possess moral intentions; some shame their kind to commit rape and bestiality, But then, Many 'normal' people are also guilty of such crimes. An eccentric appearance should not warrant a death sentence!

  • No or yes

    Yeah um furries are people too. Or not. Well anyways furries are just like animal people they don't necessarily do anything wrong they can just keep to themselves and start their own furrie societys. And if people attack furries what if furries attack back and take over. So id say killing furries only if justified like self defence or to protect someone but not just without being provoked when the furry pet stuffed animal look alike furry hasn't done anything wrong. .

  • Furries are scary

    Okay so i would say yes for the meme but sure furries are fine i have no idea where the meme came from but yeah as long as they're not on tik tok i'm good. If they are that's a different story jesus christ pls leave me alone okay bye

  • Furries are people too

    Furries are just people who enjoy going out and dressing up as a character they’ve created. If you believe that this is enough to kill them all for then you should here my side of the argument. Not only is it childish to believe that a whole fandom deserves death for dressing up but also is offensive. The furry fandom has donated to multiple charities and spreads positivity all over the globe. Only a small portion of the fandom enjoys “yiffing” and such. If you still think killing furries should be legal then you may need to reread my side of the argument.

  • Furries are humans

    Yes, We are humans and we feel things as you and as I. Furrys just wants to chill however they want.
    They don't disturb you and they don't self damage.
    The furry fandom is probably one of the best communities of the world, Because we help each other and also, Help people outside the fandom
    We know that you maybe envy us, But that's a fact bro, Furrys aren't any thing wrong.

  • Lmao f**k yes for the meme but in reality. . . . . . . . Not so much

    Let's all be honest, Of course yes for the meme but i don't think you would be ok with seeing a f***ing HUMAN dead. Just because they dress up in a f***ing furry suit doesn't mean that they deserve to die.
    If you actually think they deserve to die then i'm sorry but i think your either just retarded or just a straight up Psychopath and needs to be isolated from society.

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