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U guys need help

  ~first things f***ing first u guys are f***ing sick for even coming up with this post ~we DO f***ing NOT RAPE ANIMALS THAT IS f***ing DISGUSTING AND U NEED A THERIPIST FOR THINKING THIS IS TRUE ~we don't not believe we r animals that is otherkin/therians ~we r still human beings we deserve to be treated as such ~this is wrong to think this this is mass murder ~we r just artists doing our hobbie ~ its not a fetish for most of us only like 15 percent
DickDevourer says2020-08-12T05:33:16.683
Lets talk on discord bro, Needydragon#6079 i know you have one
ZadaZada says2020-09-15T15:20:43.737
This is f***ing hilarious
ZadaZada says2020-09-15T15:20:49.993
This is f***ing hilarious
Shadelord1 says2020-09-29T16:44:32.543
Whats missing from A_schwitz?
Shadelord1 says2020-09-29T16:51:56.737
What is the cure for being a furry? Public Execution.
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