• They Deserve It

    People Make Excuses to be gay, Feminists and trannies, But no one is agreeing that furries have any excuse, So why should we keep them around? They commit bestiality, Rape and even sometimes incest, So that should be enough of a reason to legalize killing them, Tl;dr they commit crimes so they need punished in death, Summarized by me

  • It's a meme.

    They are just pure foul creatures that roam these earths. As in tales of old of the good folk of humanity must slay such creatures to bring order and balance to the earth. As a crusader myself I shall cleanse this earth of such foul beings but a man of faith as of law I would rather legalize their death versus out right murder.

  • They are against the gamers!

    Gamers rise up against our furry oppressors. They have held us down for too long. We need to get cold bloody revenge against them. They won't be able to UWU their way out of this now. Launch the first attack my fellow men! Who's with me? Enlist in the war.

    Bottom text.

  • They identify as animals not people

    If furries want to be animals and act like it in public then there should be an open hunting season for them. We have hunting season to regulate species populations to keep them from over populating so why don't we have it on furries? Don't get me wrong they can be great people but most of them are creeps. They hide their faces so you can't see what atrocities they have committed on people. Its just not right to have them around doing as they please. We need to regulate

  • Yes it really should be.

    All memes aside furries are just as low as child predators that should be annihilated for the sake of humanity. I was in contact with an ex furry who quit for reasons like abuse in servers such as exposing private images and nudes and not deleting them EVEN when they cry and beg for them not to, Pedophilia and plans on committing rape. There are many stories of furries committing crimes related to child abuse and sexual abuse too. Bottom line. . . Furries are f***ing monsters and this world would at least be a tiny bit better without them.

  • We need to kill them

    They are not humans! Imagine being black, Gay and a furry. You deserve to die. We've all seen this guys doing their stupi shit and corrupting the youth, It is time to make a change before it is too late, Even if it is not legal we should. Go kill a furry

  • f***ing hell yes

    They’re gay as f**k and scary and they have furry sex parties. KILL ALL FURRIES. And also, They beat innocent children. KILL ALL FURRIES NIGGA. All of them. They are a threat to society. Kill them all ok just kill them kill them all ok kill them kil kill kill

  • They support bad ideals

    Some furries enjoy making nazi and white supremacist art, And in todays society this is largely unacceptable. They make nazi propaganda and "roleplay" as nazis. They also make jokes about killing jews for fun. They also joke about the holocaust where millions of innocent polish, French, Jews, And gypsies were killed. Some people want to kill them for the meme (which I can see), While others want to kill them because of their gamer hatred (also can see that). They should die from this.

  • If they want to be animals it must be legal to hunt them

    You see them bitches in deer costumes? It needs to be legal to hunt them. They wanna be a deer? They gotta suffer like their brethren living in the wild. Running the risk of getting shot. You can't be an animal and only have the pros of it. To get the full experience you have to live through the problems. And some of those problems include getting shot and dying. Be a furry at your own risk.

  • f**k yeah! They are annoying.

    I don't want sex parties to spill in my yard. Im gonna use my full auto FN FAL if they try to make a sex party in my yard. They are poisioning our young with their creepy ideas. They also identify as animals and some animals we can legally hunt and kill.

  • They are human beings

    Furries should not be able to be killed legally because they didn’t do anything wrong, They have families and friends and lovers, And they are human beings too! Killing a furry for being a furry is like killing a Mario fan because they like Mario. I wish this debate didn’t even exist.

  • Nah man I’m going to say no

    My friends a furry he’s kinda cool so I’m going to say no. They are not that bad I mean they’re not hurting anyone. They are just having fun and being themselves I guess. If that’s a crime you would have to kill people who have other hobbies too lol. Hi Dillon if you’re reading this yes it is me.

  • No to killing

    Well, This is a hot take on the debate, But I think killing furries shouldn't be legal as killing isn't legal even towards most animals. And I don't condone killing anything. I just don't like killing at all.

    Now, If we're talking about euthanizing furries instead, That's another story ;)

  • Furries are people too

    Furries are just people who enjoy going out and dressing up as a character they’ve created. If you believe that this is enough to kill them all for then you should here my side of the argument. Not only is it childish to believe that a whole fandom deserves death for dressing up but also is offensive. The furry fandom has donated to multiple charities and spreads positivity all over the globe. Only a small portion of the fandom enjoys “yiffing” and such. If you still think killing furries should be legal then you may need to reread my side of the argument.

  • Furries are humans

    Yes, We are humans and we feel things as you and as I. Furrys just wants to chill however they want.
    They don't disturb you and they don't self damage.
    The furry fandom is probably one of the best communities of the world, Because we help each other and also, Help people outside the fandom
    We know that you maybe envy us, But that's a fact bro, Furrys aren't any thing wrong.

  • Lmao f**k yes for the meme but in reality. . . . . . . . Not so much

    Let's all be honest, Of course yes for the meme but i don't think you would be ok with seeing a f***ing HUMAN dead. Just because they dress up in a f***ing furry suit doesn't mean that they deserve to die.
    If you actually think they deserve to die then i'm sorry but i think your either just retarded or just a straight up Psychopath and needs to be isolated from society.

  • Okay seriously, Is this even a question?

    I understand people may have opinions of Furries, But no matter what one may think lets think about this for a second!

    Asking if we should make Killing Furries Legal is the equivalent of asking if killing black people should be legal! Is that okay? Is that justice? Not a snowball's chance in hell!
    It doesn't matter WHAT they are, It's the concept of their character that matters, It's WHO they are that matters!
    You can like or dislike them all you want, But discriminating and killing them is unfair, Hypocritical, Unjustly, And not even remotely justice! I'd be damned if I'd ever let something so trivial affect the lives of innocent people, Furries or not! You could send me to a planet that has just furries and I wouldn't give a damn!

    Now may I find it weird? Sure, That's just how I feel, But it doesn't matter how I feel in the end, They're still people whether you like it or not, Anyone who denies this fact is ignorant and arrogant, And perhaps needs to be put in their position to even remotely understand them! Furthermore there is no argument to be made if all you're going to be saying is your biased opinion of furries are disgusting and they should die! I'm sorry but did someone force you to look at a furry just because they wanted to know your thoughts on the matter? CRY ME A RIVER. . . You can make up all the FALSE accusations and bold claims you want
    There is NO excuses for killing furries
    It's bad, It's unjustly, It's hypocritical, It's toxic, And it's f**king retarded! PERIOD, Enough said!

  • What the f**k is wrong with you

    Furrys are people too the are just people who have a hobby they take pride it's just like cosplay except it's their character that they made theyre not weird they're people too this is straight up murder just cause you don't like their hobby if you don't like theirs get your own

  • What is wrong with us?

    People everywhere do crimes and illegal bullsh*t. That's straight up murder and telling a real life person to kill their self because of a hobby, People in the fandom have sex, Yes. But also people in other hobbies have sex and weird things it's not just furrys. I'm not a furry but this is wrong. No

  • Furries are people too!

    As a furry i feel disgusted reading through these polls and basically getting told i am mentally ill and that i deserve to die. I am a furry and i don't think i am an animal. Stop the hate. It is horrible to see how toxic and cancerous people can be

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