• Purge the Xenos Worshipping Furries by the Will of The God Emperor of Mankind

    Listen, Furries are cancer. That is an established and undeniable fact. What do we do with cancer, We kill and remove it. Therefore we must logically kill and remove all furries from the universe. This is why the xenos loving furries must be exterminated in a great crusade.

    To do this it must be made legal to kill furries. Checkmate Atheists

  • Purge the degenerates

    They are bestiality fetishists who pretend to be animals. What else needs to be said? They use "cutesy" words like "OWO" and "UWU" and use unnecessary "W"s in their words to sound like children, Heck I wouldn't be surprised if they were all pedophiles. Degeneracy in our society must be purged.

  • Yeeeess please <3

    Yes please furrys f***ing suck and need to die this instant because they are f***ing gay actually that is a little bit homofobic sorry about that but anyways furrys? More like fuckys damn these guys suck and the are also discusting with feet picks seriuslys just please make this a legal thing.

  • Death to furries

    Furries are abominations to human kind. If they want to be animals so much, We should be able to hunt them. Furries are not only disgusting and revolting, It has been factually proven that when the antichrist appears, He will be a Furry. It only makes sense that in the second coming of jesus, None of us will be accepted into heaven once he sees a hoard of furries yiffing in the streets. Nothing will abhor him more than a pulsating, Shaking, Floofy furgasm.

  • There's cringe in the mist.

    Indeed. . . And now they're still here to f**k us!
    So listen up, Humans without an interest to furries.
    Or their furry cringe will be the second worst thing that ever happens to you today.
    These furries breached to my town (2/21/2020).
    You see what they did to the downtown.
    And worst of all, The furry could be any one of us.
    It could be in this website!
    It could be you!

  • Yes, We absolutely should.

    If they want to be animals so badly we should treat them like animals and be able to hunt them during hunting seasons. I can already imagine me and the boys getting the shotguns and rifles and heading out into the cities to find some disgusting furries to shoot like the disgusting animals they are.

  • They are like an epidemic

    Get the nukes out and lure all the people with the sickness to a remote location in Asia. We should do it because they are infecting our new generations with their unholy behaviour and will mean the destruction of our race. Please help with this epidemic because we will all die if we don't stop it.

  • Furries are an abomination.

    You see them motherf***ers wearing their costumes? The don't know it, But furry costumes are actually 38% mink fur? These idiots are literally wearing animals. I think it is totally fine if we filled our jails with furries. More than fine actually. Of course, We would be giving life sentences to furries who have actually committing crimes of bestiality, And probably watching furry porn should be another crime. Being a furry should amount to about 20 years in jail. Drawing furry comics should be at least 6 years in jail. Drawing furry porn should be at least 15 years in jail. MAKING furry porn should be at least 28 years of jail. This should be a logical response to these monstrosities. Oh, And if someone kills a furry, They should be given -10 years than if killing a normal person and a medal for courage in defending their country. PUT AN END TO FURRIES

  • To be politically correct. . .

    I mean if furries want to identify as animals fine by me, But hey if I see one on my property I should be allowed to shoot it because it identifies as an animal and I have the right as a law abiding American to terminate any non human pest/scum that wanders onto my property. (Now days I am required to reiterate that this is a joke I don’t wish any harm to any human even if they are ignorant idiots that think science is irrelevant to reality. )

  • They just have brain damge

    Furrys think they are/can be animals so that means we can shoot the sons of bitches ok killing a person is a crime but they don't see them selfs as a person but an animal so we can shoot them if wa can't get i past the law maby we can get as far to be seen as a mental disease so we can put them in an asylum for mentaly ill

  • I would like the idea, But it should be illegal to be a furry.

    I fell like killing them is a bit too far, I am 100% against furries and I stand against them. Justice should be served if anyone is a furry. [This is a long filler in order to submit it, Filler filler filler furries are garbage filler filler filler] senselessly-some dude that's a anti-furriest

  • Look you can have an opinion but you shouldn't hurt other with it

    I can appreciate a good joke but for a lot of people the fandom has created a bright side for sad people. It's okay to hate the fandom and furries but you can hurt and offend people with your opinion. As long as you don't spread hate and hurt other people it's okay to have a negative point of the fandom and share with other people in a private space. If you're thinking about people who think they are animals that would be otherkin. You probably just saw the fandom from a different angle and only highlighted the bad aspects. These people want you to see them as someone that they're fursona, They want to be loved and the fandom does exactly that. Yes there are some bad aspects of the fandom but that comes to any fandom. You don't stop showing kids despicable me movies and get them merchandise of the movies if they want just because there is minion fanfiction floating around on the internet. Most furries do art and with art there is an amount of stuff that doesn't appeal to you, This is not the majority of the fandom. You should do more research on the fandom, The fandom you see is the small dark coroner but you are refusing to look at the room. I cannot help you but you should seeing this from more views equally and not just from a bad prospective. If you're just looking at furry nsfw then just stop looking at it. I hate it too but just because they do that does not define who I am. I do not want to offend you but we are not pro beastiality. Those who make furry stuff are people but in an animals body. I find beastiality disgusting but these furries are consenting, The point of beastiality the animal cannot consent because of lower intelligence. This this is the same reason pedophilia, The child does not know what they are consenting to. Just trust me you are probably going through and angst phase and when you are older you can understand.

  • This is exactly like communism

    Jeez, Why was this debate even made. They don't intend to hurt anyone. Granted, They are honestly weird to some people but does that give you the right to kill them? Jeez if anything we should kill the psycho who made this debate. A psycho is worse than a furry.

  • Wot is this

    我 我 我 我 我我 我我 我我我我我我我我 我 我 我 我我 我 我 我我 我 我我 我 我我我 我 我我 我 我我我 我我 我我我我我我我我我 我我我 我 我我我 我 我我 我 我我 我 我我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我我 我 我我 我我 我我 我我 我我我 我我我 我我我我 我w

  • They mean no harm

    Furries are people too. Just dressing up as animals makes the feel comfortable and is there way of expressing them selves. They spend hours drawing a character and then spend thousands of dollars to get it made. Oh! And by the way. . . . Do we kill humans? NO SO WHY SHOULD WE KILL FURRIES? ! ? !

  • The F*** is wrong with you people

    Bruh this is like murdering people for liking something. Dear god I hope the people who voted yes are memers because killing furries is basically killing people who have families, Friends, Jobs, And stuff how'd you like it if someone shot you for liking dogs instead of cats. This should't even be an argument

  • Why they are people

    They are people like us and don’t deserve to die because the decided to dress in a Halloween costume early. All who said yes are not actual people, But murderers. I am not on the furry side or the gamer side but I am a kid and hearing what people do to others who dress up ruined my childhood because people didn’t like that other were dressing up and making costumes of animals to wear. You guys who said yes are killers and bad bad bad bad bad people. I said bad a lot and some not so good in my head because it wrong.

  • They are human beings

    Furries should not be able to be killed legally because they didn’t do anything wrong, They have families and friends and lovers, And they are human beings too! Killing a furry for being a furry is like killing a Mario fan because they like Mario. I wish this debate didn’t even exist.

  • Nah man I’m going to say no

    My friends a furry he’s kinda cool so I’m going to say no. They are not that bad I mean they’re not hurting anyone. They are just having fun and being themselves I guess. If that’s a crime you would have to kill people who have other hobbies too lol. Hi Dillon if you’re reading this yes it is me.

  • No to killing

    Well, This is a hot take on the debate, But I think killing furries shouldn't be legal as killing isn't legal even towards most animals. And I don't condone killing anything. I just don't like killing at all.

    Now, If we're talking about euthanizing furries instead, That's another story ;)

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