• We exterminate rats and rabid animals? So why not

    Whenever there is a rat infestation in our houses, We call the exterminators. Whenever there is a wild animal on the loose, We call the exterminators and/or pound. Normally, They just put the animal down. So, Why can't we do the same for furries? They are not people, Therefore not protected by the social contract between government and people. They classify as animals, So we should get rid of them like animals. It is not illegal to run over a deer, So it shouldn't be illegal to run over a furry!

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  • All my homies hate furries

    Furries are gay and abuse animals and they should die because furries f**k animals which is abuse and that's not good also they waste oxygen and in general abuse animals and also humans because they tell other humans they abuse animals which is not very good for animals when they are abused.

  • Furries Can’t Play Team-Based First Person Shooters

    Odd title, I know, But allow me to present the facts. Fursuits are made using various materials, Making it difficult to use exact terms, But there is a common trend: the gloves. While fursuits are expensive to buy and make, There is a cheaper option available that is still recognized as a fursuit. These options are referred to as “partials” and are cheaper because they merely consist of a head, Gloves, And sometimes a tail. Now, It is common knowledge that furries enjoy flaunting their waste of money in public and spreading their disease to others. However, Some fear to do this because of the sane people who will defend their innocent children and show aggression toward the furries. So, How can a furry stay safe and still flex about how they use their parent’s money? Social media. One such form is the streaming platform Twitch, A site where gamers can earn money and recognition by broadcasting their skills around the world. A perfect outlet for furries. There’s one slight problem, However: the fursuit’s gloves. As true gamers know, Regardless of platform, Your hands are your greatest ally. Any barrier between the hand and the controls can drastically alter performance. Seeing as how fursuit gloves, Which are used in almost every fursuit and partial, Have thick layers of fabric and fur, How can a furry possibly be a gamer? And then there’s the fact that many popular streaming games, Such as Valorant and Warzone, Are team-based, There’s the added pressure of having to rely on your teammates as well as yourself to win. Imagine playing a high stakes game of Warzone on Twitch. Say you’re a big streamer, And there’s money riding on the outcome of this game. All of a sudden, You are joined in the lobby by “xxxFur_Fetishxxx“, An obvious furry. The match starts, And you watch in dread as your furry teammate ruins the game in the first five minutes by fumbling around with their gloves and not being able to deploy their parachute. They die shortly after. Now that you’ve lost the game, The money, And the respect of your fans, It’s only natural that justice is served. People around the world should be able to murder furries. People say they are people too, But let me remind you that most of them would argue with that. Their fandom is based upon dressing as animals. They should be treated as such. Hunted for sport. Thank you.

  • Death to all Furries.

    I got furryed and I'm tired of their shit. It's time to put down every single last one of them. I got furryed and I'm tired of their shit. It's time to put down every single last one of them. I got furryed and I'm tired of their shit. It's time to put down every single last one of them. I got furryed and I'm tired of their shit. It's time to put down every single last one of them.

  • Yes/no | Mostly no. | SOME facts | TRUTH: You would end up in jail sentenced for 45 years in jail for 1/2 Degree murder

    Yes, I agree they should but let me pull out some facts on you.
    Before that I'd like to say, I don't f***ing care if they do make this a thingy all I will do is sit and watch the chaos, And call 911. Or try to stop it. I'm not a furry just letting yall know, I'm the spectator, The guy who watches the war, From the beginning to the end.

    Let me pull out a quick fact: If they make this a thingy, As you're "Hunting" The furries, When law enforcement comes to investigate, The person who you murdered, But he is in animal disguise, So It is hunting BUT! They will check the body so, AS SOON AS THEY REMOVE THEIR SUIT, THEY ARE NOT ANIMALS, So It comes from "Hunting" To "1st Degree murder. " So you end up being arrested anyway. The only way you could do it in my theory is by putting flex tape on the suit so it won't remove and it still is hunting so u no get an arrest.

    First off let me pull out a fact in your face, Murdering is Illegal, And killing someone for being a furry is First-degree murder, Aka intentional murder, By-law. (forgot the number. ) I'm not a furry but I'm not joining this at all, I'm just pulling facts at yall and watching this shit happen.

    2nd Fact: ( The charges you will prob get after doing it )If yall are willing to kill them then just know after you kill them, The police/Swat/FBI will come for you, And arrest you, If you killed a lot of furries in a furry convention for an example, It is 1/2 Degree murder, Mass murder, Bodily harm, Illegal Firearm port, Unconcealed carry, Heavy weapon carry, Shootout on public, Terrorist attack (Mostly not but let's be honest, Attacking a bunch of people randomly is considered Terrorist attack. One of the least charges you would get is for Mass murder, Slaughter. If you do so, You would get eighter 904 Years in jail or a Death sentence.

    3rd Fact: Not just because they dress like animals doesn't mean they are, They are still people in suits, And have their rights, I'm not a furry again, I'm just a guy pulling facts on yall aka watching, I even join the haters, I repost the memes/jokes Because they are hella funny, But I must be honest, Doing so and killing them is wrong, And will get you arrested. And if you kill them, You're not "Hunting" You're "Slaughtering"

    4th f***ing fact: If this becomes a thingy, Imagine the chaos, Roads blocked, Shootouts every f***ing where, People f***ing dying, And what could the police do? NOTHING! BECAUSE PEOPLE WENT ROGUE, AND the second fact, If you guys launch a nuke somewhere that a lot of furries are, YOU CAN'T CONTROL THE EXPLOSION! Some people would die by it

    Some facts where removed due to the word limit. Thanks for reading

  • Yes furries must be ilegal

    Furrys are pedophile, In discord they manage cp (child porn) and thats ilegal bro, They're zoophiles is literaly masturbating with animals, Thats normal? No and they thinks vaccines are bad so many years of evolution for this fricking furrys what masturbate with dogs and think that isnt bad. Thats is my point

  • They are not people

    And I don't give a shit if we nuke them or whatever. They are horrible product of a generations of inbreeding in redneck families who then migrate all over the world. Statistics say that 99% of furries are dgenerated beyond the point where they could have been salvaged. Their existence is not only a pain to us but also to them.

  • Furries aren’t people.

    If furries want to dress up as, Act like, And have sex with animals, Then they should be hunted like animals. I’m avoiding calling furries people because they aren’t. They want to be animals so we are going to treat them like animals. Thank you for reading an subscribe to PewDiePie.

  • We can't expect god to do all the work

    Please kill them all. For the sake of humanity.
    They are pedos in i don't want them around with children, They should be arrested for public depravation and zoophilia.
    They are a prague in your modern society, We can find one furry at every event, Every meeting, Every discord call. They are even going to streets with that f***ing "suits".

  • No or yes

    Yeah um furries are people too. Or not. Well anyways furries are just like animal people they don't necessarily do anything wrong they can just keep to themselves and start their own furrie societys. And if people attack furries what if furries attack back and take over. So id say killing furries only if justified like self defence or to protect someone but not just without being provoked when the furry pet stuffed animal look alike furry hasn't done anything wrong. .

  • Is this a joke?

    Furries are simply people clad in animal costumes. They practice a hobby, Like reading or dressing up. Of course, Not all furries possess moral intentions; some shame their kind to commit rape and bestiality, But then, Many 'normal' people are also guilty of such crimes. An eccentric appearance should not warrant a death sentence!

  • Furries are scary

    Okay so i would say yes for the meme but sure furries are fine i have no idea where the meme came from but yeah as long as they're not on tik tok i'm good. If they are that's a different story jesus christ pls leave me alone okay bye

  • Lmao yes for the meme, No for reality

    I would say yes just for the meme and for the joke, But I'm going to take this unnecessarily serious.

    Killing a furry is obviously just murder, Like killing another person. . . In general. It's a personal kink, And as long as it doesn't harm anyone without consent, Then it shouldn't be a problem.

    Then again I am taking this unnecessarily seriously. Not because I am a furry but because I see topics on this website as a serious manner.

    Have a nice day.

  • Let furries be what they want

    People can be furries if they want to. No need to murder people for what they like. If you don't like furries, Don't get involved. It's as simple as that. Don't go out of your way to be an asshole, Criminal, And murderer. Let people be themselves. There are no exceptions

  • U guys need help

    ~first things f***ing first u guys are f***ing sick for even coming up with this post
    ~we don't not believe we r animals that is otherkin/therians
    ~we r still human beings we deserve to be treated as such
    ~this is wrong to think this this is mass murder
    ~we r just artists doing our hobbie
    ~ its not a fetish for most of us only like 15 percent

  • Okay don't get me wrong they're the bane of my existence

    Furries are one of the most f***ed things to exist, We all want to send them to hell earlier, (Yes, Furries go to hell) but they're mentally not right. Somehow their brains can't understand that ANIMALS ARE NOT HOT! So really it would be like killing a bunch of re****ed people that screw animals.

  • Furries are people too!

    As a furry i feel disgusted reading through these polls and basically getting told i am mentally ill and that i deserve to die. I am a furry and i don't think i am an animal. Stop the hate. It is horrible to see how toxic and cancerous people can be

  • What is wrong with us?

    People everywhere do crimes and illegal bullsh*t. That's straight up murder and telling a real life person to kill their self because of a hobby, People in the fandom have sex, Yes. But also people in other hobbies have sex and weird things it's not just furrys. I'm not a furry but this is wrong. No

  • What the f**k is wrong with you

    Furrys are people too the are just people who have a hobby they take pride it's just like cosplay except it's their character that they made theyre not weird they're people too this is straight up murder just cause you don't like their hobby if you don't like theirs get your own

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