• Acting and shit

    They act like they animals right? So why not kill them. If they wanna act like animals then they can but they finna die. If you kill an animal is it illegal? Not really so why not let us make killing furrys legal because that's their faults. Plus I really hate them too

  • I’m open to a discussion

    I’m against facism and everything but MAN we really can’t take it anymore with the furries (even the gender thing has gotten way out of hand). Seriously there’s only so much a society can take before everyone loses it and goes ballistic and then murders start happening. Seriously we’re at our limit with all this sexuality bullcrap this thing should have ended with only homosexuality a long time ago, Not transgenders, Not furries, Not polygamy, Not pedophilia, NOTHING! We have to draw a line somewhere already and it can’t go past the gender bullcrap or the furry bullcrap or the transgender bullcrap. WE SERIOUSLY CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!

  • This is cool revenge

    Reasons why furrys is worst creation in the world!

    1. They full discord servers!
    2. They discriminate people who don’t speak English!
    3. Worst suits
    4. This is creation VRL, Not RL
    5. Angry attack if they makes sad by you
    6. Children in community
    7. Need for suit, Like alcohol
    8. Rule 34 and pornography
    9. Envying others buy suits
    10. Crazy people who drink or eat drugs
    11. Price suits
    12. So much lgbt protectors people
    13. Destroyed rainforest conference
    14. Cringe level of content
    15. Acting like animals, We must be humans

    And this:

    Anna Lynn
    Kenneth Fenske
    Jeffrey Harvey
    Craig Michael
    David Parker
    Phillip Matthew
    Paige Wren
    Stephen Taylor
    Kenneth Fenske
    Arthur Boucher
    Joshua Acosta
    Frank Felix

    This is names of traitors, They are kill a lot of people in furry costumes! We all hate traitors and furries, Because we are people, They are not

  • Italians are furries.

    Barney is dead i shot off his head don't worry about the body a flushed
    it down the potty around and around it goes don't furry about the weenie i gave it to a gene ther once a gene with a 10 inch weenie who showed it to a lady next door she thought it was a snake and hit it with a rake and now it's only 5 foot 4

  • They're f***ing idiots

    Furries literally should not exist. Most furries just make a costume so that they can f**k their dog, Like for real, What the f**k? Also, People literally make f***ing dog parks for furries. Why? Also, They think it's an excuse to literally take a juicy shit in the grass without being arrested. It's really not. So, That is why furries shouldn't exist

  • Well yess duh

    Furries are just sexually annoying loud people for Fuks sake can u just watch Zootopia without someone saying your a furry they ruin good movies with humanoid animals like I enjoy the movie I enjoy the cosplaying iment by people who wear the clothes
    but the furries ruining everything ok

  • Of Course, Save the youth

    These poor kids are confused as hell and you're saying we should accept that they're finding themselves attracted to cartoon animals? This needs to be stopped, And if they aren't changing, We need to make a change. By killing more furries, The living population will be more against the disgusting group, And kids will make the right choice.

  • Yes yes yes

    All of them murder all of thme yes yse yes yseysey s sey esy es y esy ey se yesyes yes seysey se s e sey yes yes yes yse s ey se seyseyse yse yse sey sey ey sey esy se yse yse yes yse yse yse yse y

  • Overpopulation. WE NEED TO GET RID OF SOME

    Furries are quite clearly beginning to get too popular creatures. Let us make it legal to kill the. This is clearly a question of time before we all turn into furries. Thats too gay for me so no thank you. Just let me shoot a few and ill be happy

  • Furries are the scum of the earth

    Imagine going to college, Getting a degree, A house, A wife, And a car. A few months later your wife says "honey im pregnant" and a tear slowly begins to fall from your eye as you will be bringing a life into this beautiful place we call Earth. When the baby arrives you love and cherish it, Teach it how to ride a bike, Look now it can swim! The kids future is finally beginning to get bright and all that work is going to pay off! Until one day when it comes into your room, Your eating cereal. The kid is wearing a full cosplay fur suit and you pull a AR-15 out of the bowl of cereal, And shoot it. Your child, Dead. This is what happens when you become a furry. F**k furries

  • U guys need help

    ~first things f***ing first u guys are f***ing sick for even coming up with this post
    ~we don't not believe we r animals that is otherkin/therians
    ~we r still human beings we deserve to be treated as such
    ~this is wrong to think this this is mass murder
    ~we r just artists doing our hobbie
    ~ its not a fetish for most of us only like 15 percent

  • Let furries be what they want

    People can be furries if they want to. No need to murder people for what they like. If you don't like furries, Don't get involved. It's as simple as that. Don't go out of your way to be an asshole, Criminal, And murderer. Let people be themselves. There are no exceptions

  • Okay don't get me wrong they're the bane of my existence

    Furries are one of the most f***ed things to exist, We all want to send them to hell earlier, (Yes, Furries go to hell) but they're mentally not right. Somehow their brains can't understand that ANIMALS ARE NOT HOT! So really it would be like killing a bunch of re****ed people that screw animals.

  • Is this a joke?

    Furries are simply people clad in animal costumes. They practice a hobby, Like reading or dressing up. Of course, Not all furries possess moral intentions; some shame their kind to commit rape and bestiality, But then, Many 'normal' people are also guilty of such crimes. An eccentric appearance should not warrant a death sentence!

  • Lmao yes for the meme, No for reality

    I would say yes just for the meme and for the joke, But I'm going to take this unnecessarily serious.

    Killing a furry is obviously just murder, Like killing another person. . . In general. It's a personal kink, And as long as it doesn't harm anyone without consent, Then it shouldn't be a problem.

    Then again I am taking this unnecessarily seriously. Not because I am a furry but because I see topics on this website as a serious manner.

    Have a nice day.

  • Furries are scary

    Okay so i would say yes for the meme but sure furries are fine i have no idea where the meme came from but yeah as long as they're not on tik tok i'm good. If they are that's a different story jesus christ pls leave me alone okay bye

  • No or yes

    Yeah um furries are people too. Or not. Well anyways furries are just like animal people they don't necessarily do anything wrong they can just keep to themselves and start their own furrie societys. And if people attack furries what if furries attack back and take over. So id say killing furries only if justified like self defence or to protect someone but not just without being provoked when the furry pet stuffed animal look alike furry hasn't done anything wrong. .

  • They mean no harm

    Furries are people too. Just dressing up as animals makes the feel comfortable and is there way of expressing them selves. They spend hours drawing a character and then spend thousands of dollars to get it made. Oh! And by the way. . . . Do we kill humans? NO SO WHY SHOULD WE KILL FURRIES? ! ? !

  • The F*** is wrong with you people

    Bruh this is like murdering people for liking something. Dear god I hope the people who voted yes are memers because killing furries is basically killing people who have families, Friends, Jobs, And stuff how'd you like it if someone shot you for liking dogs instead of cats. This should't even be an argument

  • Why they are people

    They are people like us and don’t deserve to die because the decided to dress in a Halloween costume early. All who said yes are not actual people, But murderers. I am not on the furry side or the gamer side but I am a kid and hearing what people do to others who dress up ruined my childhood because people didn’t like that other were dressing up and making costumes of animals to wear. You guys who said yes are killers and bad bad bad bad bad people. I said bad a lot and some not so good in my head because it wrong.

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