Should we make more movies where the bad guys win

Asked by: psychohare360
  • It may help motivate people to pay more attention to the wrongs of the world

    If you keep telling people lies about the good and morally right people win no matter what then you're just making them become lazy on doing good in the world because they expect someone else to do it for them. I certainly believe evil is the winner in real life. Think about colonization of the Americas who won that fight, the peace loving indians or the merciless Europeans? Who do you think runs congress today, clinical psychopaths thats who. Its not a matter of good vs evil but who is willing to do whatever it takes to win, thats real life folks.

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  • I Agree tentatively

    I do believe that society shapes our beliefs and perceptions through censorship. It would be refreshing to see a film with real human truth in it...Evil and violence is unfortunately part of life and we must be aware of it. I think that artistic expression of truth whether it be through music, art, film ect. Should not be inhibited as much as it is. I think we could learn a lot more from movies if filmmakers were given the artistic freedom to express controversial things that are simply human. However, I do believe that there are risks involved and there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. My question is what makes something artistic inappropriate for public viewing?

  • Teaching People the Wrong Message?

    Back in the good old days of Hollywood, movies like "It's A Wonderful Life" were huge successes. Films during the 50's, 60's and early 70's taught positive messages about the value of family, goodwill towards others, and putting your best forward. Now, we're lucky if we find a sexless movie.

    Cultural degradation has gone on for a long time and it's taught the wrong message to young people, especially teens. Instead, we should make movies with themes that highlight the value of being good.

    I believe that good always triumphs over evil. Maybe not right now, but eventually. With the right lessons and the right ideas taught to our children, right will prevail over wrong and good will conquer evil.

  • Ignore Evil to Win Evil

    Whenever we try to kill evil it demands lot of attention towards evil and suddenly we become more indulged in evil. If I will give you a word "ABC" and direct you to forget it. You will not be able to forget it by quarreling with it. You will have to ignore it. Look for good...Without highlighting evil. So Rather thinking of evil both as foe or friend of it will only increase evil. We should think of Goodwill and should not attend to evil in any way. So bad guys never win.

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