Should we Make or Invent a Wandering Animal Zoo

Asked by: Bookster101
  • Animals Should be freed from confinement

    Animals shouldnt be confined they should be left to live where ever they want. They should be able to do what they want sure we'll have to clean up after them thats a motivating reason to stop being lazy. Releasing animals from zoos or at least freed from confinement .

  • Interesting concept to keep in mind.

    This is actually an interesting and pragmatic concept. I don't nessicarily abhor zoos, but animal confinement is definitely concerning. I would say it's almost unjustified. I believe animals are inferior to humans, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't respect them. Animals are immensely intelligent, and we have discovered this intelligence more and more. In my opinion, animals in confinement, such as in a zoo, should have the chance to be more free. A more "free" zoo, where animals could "wander", wouldn't be a half bad idea.

  • They need help

    From us they need help to be protected so we need to protect them and help them from poachers we need to care for them so we need to put them in zoos to keep them safe there life will be longer in a zoo we can protect them from enxtinction

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