Should we make people clean trash in our society for no money?

  • We are the ones destroying our world.

    Trash is everywhere because of people. People need to take care of their own. It's called helping the community, you don't get money for that. There is a way to do both a job and community service, in fact 25% of the population in the United states serve in the community aspect one way or the other. Picking up trash and cleaning the Earth should be something everyone does.

  • No fucking wayyyyyyy!

    1. Volunteer work is MEANINGLESS. I don't care what you're doing, Whether it's cleaning trash or taking care of children or whatever, It's UNPAID work. You work for nothing, All your hard work is just worthless. More like slaves.

    2. They'll be DISCOURAGED. Nobody wants to touch trash, Do they? Maybe give them at least a cent, Because MONEY IS THE IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE. You need money for everything, Nothing comes for free. So if you want people to clean some trash, Give them something.

  • We need moeny

    We need money to live, what do you expect us to do? We need money for our kids and family so duh fuck kinda of question is that. We need food we need money to get food we need heat we need money to get heat. You need money for everything.

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