Should we make shark finning legal internationally?

Asked by: soundofsunshine
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  • Only if I can chop the thumbs off chinese people legally?

    Any sort of barbaric physical harm towards another animal is an indication of a lack of civilization. If the world (primarily china) wants to start condoning the merciless torture and heinous mistreatment of sharks or any other animal (which by the way, the chinese already do), I want to be able to clip the fingers off any asian person I want using a pair of side cutters or garden hand pruners. Only seems fair. Legalize the dismemberment of asians!!

  • No, we should not

    Sharks are a very, very important part of our eco-system. They regulate every other animal, and keep the plankton population alive. 70% of our oxygen comes from plankton layers in the sea. Without this, we would run out of oxygen, and die. How would you feel if someone cut your ears off, unnecessarily mutilated your body, practically cut you in half, and threw you into the ocean?

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