• So from what I understand your just scared?

    So we are suppose to sit in the dark ages because you are to scared to take a chance? Also we would not over populate earth we would branch out to other worlds. There are several, the reason we haven't gone yet? You guessed it we don't live long enough for us to get there in time. So if we live longer and mess with our muscles and response time. We become faster harder to kill and ready for the new vast universe and unexplored worlds. Would you only use your hand to feed yourself even though we invented the spoon just because its unknown and might break! Losing some of the food? Or condemn the spoon because its unknown therefore it is evil and should be band? This last statement might sound stupid/childish but that's what your statements sound to me.

  • Yes we should

    We can use technology to our advantage guys. To stoop the world from overpopulating we can use rockets to travel space. And if we want to live life to the full, we need to live for a longer period of time. We can do this thanks to computers and super-jellyfish.

  • Yes, I think we should mess with the genitic code to live longer.

    Yes, I think we should mess with the genetic code to live longer. I believe that innovation is important for the human kind to move forward. Although many people would disagree with me, and say that messing with the genetic code would be playing god, I believe that it would be an important step for human kind.

  • Yes, we should.

    Technology allows for all sorts of possibilities, and being able to enhance our genetic code to make ourselves live longer lives is just one of these possibilities. We should enhance our genetic code to become the best humans that technology will allow us to become, and not doing so is being a slave to the past.

  • Longer is better.

    Yes, we should mess with our genetic code to live longer, because there is no reason not to, if we can do so safely. This is no different than taking a vitamin to improve our nutrition. We should do what we can safely do, if it results in an improved quality of life.

  • Not from a scientific perspective.

    Experimenting on genetic code drastically increases the occurrence of mutation and disability. This could quite literally result in a proportion of the population which suffers from debilitating genetic defects. This does not even include the number of test subjects who would die before birth or shortly thereafter. And when the population rises, resources grow scarce, and poverty soars. Even with humanity, the earth still maintains a carrying capacity.

  • It is not good in the long run

    Yes living longer sounds amazing to me too but it is not a good idea. If we have people live longer then the earths population will jump up a lot. This may sound mean but if you live longer then you should your just waisting space and resorces. The earth could not hold and feed that many people. In the long run it is not smart to live longer.

  • No, because we can't say for sure what consequences would follow.

    While I fear death as much as anyone, we cannot truly predict what will happen if we alter our genetic code. There could be mutations or disasters that would cause major health and developmental problems, thus making the entire thing not worth it. While science might present a strong theory on the future, it cannot be predicted, and it's best to leave this kind of thing alone.

  • No, we don't know what will happen.

    A longer life is not necessarily a better life. Of course we should try to stay as healthy as we can by using nutrition and exercise for instance. But messing with the genetic code just does not seem wise as we are playing with nature and that could be disastrous in the long run.

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