• Security authority sovereignty

    As you know war & peace are just temporary situations and won't last for ever.Therefore weapons are needed to defense from ourselves and our territory.Furthermore weapons are not used only at wars, for killing people or anything else.It is used to provide security and justice in any society.If weapons were forbidden,how could you feel safe at home when there is no weapon for polices to catch criminals? In addition,how should we stop drug trafficking,terrorist acts,demonstrations and street crimes?

    Posted by: BITW
  • Yes we should have guns

    Because if you are attck the wapen could help u out because i been there someone ask me to get in the car i didnt know what to do so i got in the car there was a man he did let me out i had to push him and open the door and jump out the car i didnt have anything to use to fight him back i only had my hands

  • It's not about using the weapon, it's the intimidation caused by it!

    I think in a world full of terrorists and criminals that no one can fully erase them from the world or put them all in prison. You need something they don't have to keep them from threatening your national security. You need to have the latest weapon to scare them.

  • Who Likes Weapons???

    I think weapons give more harm than needed. No joke!Who likes to die??? I don't think so.So as a reslult weapons are not needed we could communicate with each other. No weapons needed.
    Easy? If we had weapons a war or a fight would get longer. I think everybody wants peace in their country. Peace is needed and we do not need weapons to keep peace.

  • In reality, yes.

    I'm going to assume this isn't about civilian gun ownership rights, which is a US-specific issue - I doubt many countries outside the US have a gun culture like theirs.

    Yes, ideally, we can achieve world peace and have no need for arms. Yet there's still a long way to go before we can achieve that. Meanwhile, we still need weaponry to stand up when tyranny arises, and to defend ourselves when other nations without peaceful intentions wage war, etc. I sure hope we don't need to use them, but it is imperative that we keep sufficient stocks of them to use when they are really needed.

    Confucius - who was, mind you, very much a pacifist - put it the best way (translation is mine): 'He who makes peace must have adequate preparations for war; he who wages war must have adequate preparations for peace.'

  • I certainly hope not.

    What kind of perverted peace comes with weapons? I'm assuming this is about guns, but in NZ., guns are almost unheard of. Even the police don't have them, at least not when they're walking down the street. Guns aren't needed for peace, we've found it in NZ without them. Maybe USA needs them though.

  • It would turn into an arms race

    For all those people who think "we need weapons to keep the peace", I must ask you. If you need someone with a weapon to ensure that others would not harm you, or others, is that necessarily peace? I don't know about you people, but definition for peace to me means that there won't be any people who willing seeks to harm others. In that scenario, why would you need a weapon to begin with? No one wants to harm, no one wants to take your stuff, so why would you need a weapon to begin with?
    If there was truly peace in the world, weapons wouldn't be necessary. The only reason why people would want, or need, weapons to protect themselves, or the "peace" would be because they are not living in a truly peaceful place.

  • Figure it out with peace

    Guns can kill people and killing is not good . Why not have peace? With peace there is no killing and no induries. If you have war there is killing and induries and that stuff is really bad. Bombs can also kill. Theye can even kill whole villages and that is not good.

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