• Yes, we should

    I actually enjoy uniform. I really don't have that many outfits to choose from a normal day so imagine having to go to wear a different set of clothes 5 days a week for that whole school year. Its ridiculously costly to have to go and buy all those clothes. Uniform is the best!

  • Every institution needs a symbol for itself, and the symbol for educational institution such as school is a uniform.

    We need uniform as an identity that we're still a student. By wearing a uniform, there'll be no more inequality between those student who are rich and those who are poor because they all are wearing the same uniform. For myself, i feel better if i wear uniform, it makes me feel enthusiastic in studying at school rather than if i just wear casual clothes. Therefore, we need to have school uniforms.

  • I think you should

    From what i have heard that in some school wearing uniform help cut down on bully, but that what i think. I know in my school lot f people got bully because of how they dress so my school decide that they would make ever one to wear uniform and that cut down on bully so much school is so much better. But i dotn know what other people think about this

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