• One size fits all?

    While it is an important part of life to have a well rounded education, there is a difference between taking an automatic system of classes and taking classes that will truly be set for you and you alone. That's like buying a one-size-fits-all T-shirt before trying it on and realizing that your just too small or too big. I believe in education past middle school just not the current format that it is in.

  • We should NOT have to go to high school unless the way school is done gets changed.

    One of the goals of high school is to teach social skills. The problem is these skills are already learned by the time middle school is done. Another huge problem with high school is core classes. Students should get to more or less choose their own schedule if high school is to be a thing. Any math class beyond geometry has zero real world purpose unless you want to go in to a particular field that requires a higher math course. If their is a student with zero artistic abilities, they should not be forced in to doing art courses. If their is a student who wants to be a doctor and just doesn't get languages, and it's killing their GPA then they should not be forced to. However, these kids are forced to do these classes which don't help them and merely deprive them of sleep, take away from socializing time, and stress them out. Also, take into account the fact that hundreds if not thousands of high school kids kill themselves each year simply because the stress of high school is too much. I say either change the way high school is done or not have it at all. It's killing kids that otherwise could contribute to society. Think about that for moment. About the real cost of sending your kid to high school.

  • High school is necessary.

    All students should have to go to high school, students don't learn everything they need in middle school. All kids, unless they are home-schooled, need to go to high school to get on with their education. Also there is a better chance of not being able to get the job you want if you wouldn't go.

  • High school should be legally required.

    I think high school should legally be required. The average student finishes middle school at 14 and most others are almost 14. That's 4 years away from legal adulthood, and that's not nearly enough learning time. You haven't taken complex enough math, even if you took Algebra 1 in eighth grade. You haven't taken biology and chemistry, and you need those classes because if you ever get cancer, you need to know about it. Why waste the doctor's time explaining every last detail about it when you could use basics you learned in high school? There are multiple more reasons to require high school/

  • No, high school should be required.

    While teens that reach a certain age are allowed to quit school, it should be required overall for students to pursue schooling at least through high school. Basic skills are still being taught at this level of schooling, such as English, math, and science. Dropouts do not have as much of a chance at getting a good job. They will earn substantially less money in the course of their lives, and are also more likely to commit crimes. All students should be encouraged to stick it out through high school.

  • Why waste your time?

    We shouldn't have to go to school if we don't want to. Those people who want to go to school can. Because the people who don't want to school, can potentially slow us down. There are may students today who waste their time going to school when they don't even care, so they are not only wasting their time, they are wasting the teachers time.

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