• f**k them commies

    As it says, Better dead than red. The communist regimes shall eventually fall under democracy. Democracy is non negotiable. Letting those communist countries live is basically asking them to invade us. They are a threat to our freedom. We must engage the red menace as soon as possible. Directive 7395 Destroy all communists

  • So many unwanted side effects

    1. Theres so many innocent people in these countries
    2. Unless you want them to nuke you back your going to have to blow that country to all hell
    3. Even if you do 2 this will cause severe damage to the atmosphere and fallout will spread to innocent countries and famines will start killing BILLIONS

  • The side effects are bad

    This is why we shouldn't be nuking communists
    1. They will only nuke us back
    2. We'll start a nuclear war
    3. Nuclear war will destroy our planet forever
    4. Why should we waste our weapons for such a meaningless purpose?
    Let's save our nukes for a real threat and not for some stupid show.

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