• Yeah, with consequence

    Eating a sandwich has consequences too. No moral or rational being wants deadly violence, environmental degradation, or any negatively perceived thing. Kim Jong un is also not a utopian deity that has what is objectively best for the eternal multiverse in mind. That maniac has control of an entire nation of the human species that he has publicly shown to be utilized as a programmable means to a lunatics end. The solution to our global policy formula is multivariable, but we must exterminate the bs of the world first so an empire democratic global technoanarchy has a real chance to start.
    Conclusion: 2 options
    1.)destroy (easy and hard to deal with) and rebuild ( difficult and righteous)
    2.) have a logical debate and try to reason with a maniac(diplomatic)

    f diplomacy because it doesn't work without reason

    sometimes sacrifice is necessary to improve the world.
    Knowledge may be power unless you have a nut job with human capital at full disposal, and makes information inaccessible to his people. Power is power. And cowards respond to fear. So nuke the son of a bitch and unfortunately millions of innocents. If you empathize hard enough you could even feel for Kim, but cancer doesn't care. He is promising to attack and as days go by the possibility is more promising. Why wait for more innocents to die.

    Option 3.) wait for global pissing contests to stop and hope that all nations corporations and primal instincts seize to give a crap and become indifferent to one another and just exist.

  • Yes we should

    North Korea now has missiles that can hit the U.S and kill many of our citizens, you also have to think what if they just want us to think that they are waiting for us to strike first so they seem like the bigger "MAN" then they launch one out of no where killing hundreds of thousands people in the U.S. Think can we wait for them to attack first or wipe them out before they get us.

  • Yes we should

    If we nuke North Korea, then the entire world would be happy, because we'll be living in a happy post apocalyptic world. That might sound bad, but many people are playing a game called "Fallout". If this game is so popular, then people obviously want to live in a world like this.

  • They are fucking monsters

    They are ALLOWING SLAVES IN THEIR PLACE AND THEIR LEADER KILLS WHO EVER HE LIKES! If we can't nuke them then we should kill the leader! The leader is the thing that wrong with the whole fucking state. Please children are getting killed. THEY HAVE NUKES AND THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE POWER WOULD KILL FOR POWER. Just nuke them!

  • This country needs to be nuked because i know that this country has been brutal to it's citizens

    Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong needs to die. North Korea has it's brutal regime, too much harmful shit that kim jong is doing to his people. North korea's citizens are dying each year even residents and other peaceful buildings destroyed. I demand that north korea is one of the worst and brutal countries in this world

  • Wait Them Out; Climb the Tech Tree. Safer Options Will Exist.

    North Korea's virtually frozen in time relative to the rate of US R&D progress. There's no need to use such a dirty weapon on them yet. If we can wait them out, we can surgically remove the cancerous elements without any collateral damage. Of course, in the meantime, keep a sub parked right offshore, and if it looks like they're about to be capable of carrying out their threats, KILL THEM ALL. Human lives don't individually matter at that level of strategy. I'm sorry, South Koreans; you know the risk.

  • End the suffering for the North Koreans and the rest of the world.

    What good is it to wait until this small nation becomes a superpower???? They must be stopped in their tracks. They do no good for the world and they hate everyone. There will be no harm to anyone except the North Koreans who only respect themselves and no other country.

  • Yes attack them

    Why not just go for a non nuclear attack and air campaign? Wipe out the threat that way. I’d say nukes only be used if there’s no other military option so I did vote yes but my opinion is that we have other weapons we could try that wouldn’t freak China out. I

  • Nuke North Korea

    Put an end to the miserable short fat moron, his corrupt sycophantic henchman and all who subject themselves to his power. We have had enough of this sort of regime. Make an example of this sick megalomaniac. He and his subjects must be brought to account for their selfish arrogant cruelty effective immediately.

  • What color of Ribbon will we use for nuclear war

    What are we waiting for another Pearl Harbor or 911. The US sits on its hands because of a moral imperative nice try that nonsense on the working end of a AK-47 which city are we will to offer up for just cause we are still at War with North Korea we don,t need to declare it which of you are willing to send your children to the slaughter. Oh! We need to see if US corporation's can gear up to to make more money we don,t need another Nam don't you people ever learn 58,000 dead in Nam and were still paying for that war the legacy cost of wounded veterans cancer death from agent orange . Ill make it simple for all of you Nuke North Korea till its flatten period.

  • No, we should not nuke North Korea.

    First, they are no threat to us. They are all talk, no action. If we make the first move, we are inviting them to start a war with us. Is that what we want? We have a good standing with most of the countries, and there is no need for us to be the "bully."

  • No, because that would completely destroy our reputation.

    The world looks at Americans as aggressive bullies. Dropping a nuclear bomb on North Korea would only reinforce that image and destroy a lot of lives needlessly. There may come a time when it may be necessary to take such drastic action, but we still have a long way to go before we reach that point.

  • No, it is cruel!

    We should never use weapons of mass destruction. For starters, the fallout will affect other regions and people of the world. Secondly, the civilian casualties would be enormous. We would be killing all the people of North Korea along with their leaders. It would be a humongous catastrophe without justification!

  • Nuclear weapons would cause untold devastation in North Korea and surrounding countries.

    We should never use nuclear weapons as a preemptive strike. While there are many problems with the government of North Korea, a nuclear weapon would cause unnecessary civilian casualties and massive damage to the environment that would impact neighboring countries. While something should be done about North Korea, nukes are certainly not the answer.

  • We need to capitalize on their economy.

    I believe North Korea wants to modernize their economy and therefore we should try and create trade and business in their country. This will not only destroy their economy but any chances of trade and/or business will be replaced with hostility and warfare. We also have to take into account the devastation nukes cause.

  • There is no need

    There's no need to nuke them, they will not strike first, if the US does, we will be in danger then but not now. There is people saying why should we wait before we get nuked but were not going to get nuked because neighboring countries by North Korea stated kim will be on his own if he is going to start a war.

  • We are OK

    On the subject of whether America, having received extensive threats from North Korea, should make the first attack, apparently a lot of Americans think it's a good idea. The problem with doing so is that firstly, there would be many North Korean citizens in harm's way. Some may believe that such sacrifice is necessary, but when other countries are seeing the US attacking and killing innocent civilians, they are likely to then determine us as irrational and dangerous, and hence try to stop America from making anymore outlandish acts. There are already countries in the world that hate America, and thus by obliterating an entire nation it would only worsen their negative perception of America, further diving them from the United States. It is extremely important that we as a nation preserve the trust of our allies and encourage trust amongst other nations, and landing the first attack on a nation that may or may not pursue its threats would only backfire on our reputation.

    Secondly, if North Korea was to attack, America's military has the capability of stopping and preventing any directed missile or weapon from reaching us, and such attack would give us the open opportunity to justifiably fight back, with other countries supporting our decision in reaction as well.

    Thirdly, China is a potential threat that America must at least consider when making such a serious decision. China has been supplying North Korea and finds North Korea as a loyal patron for their country. It isn't clear whether China is North Korea's ally, but it is possible. If America decides to nuke North Korea, it may cause serious conflict between China and America and potentially other countries as well.

    In summary, it's too early to decide if initiating an attack is in anyway necessary, and even if North Korea went to try to accomplish attacking America, our military defenses are able to prevent it.

    Right now America is being closely watched by other countries and so it is of the upmost importance that America sets a credible reputation for itself. Nuking North Korea is risky because it can cause severe damage to surrounding areas and may enrage China and other countries, causing more problems needed to be handled.

    North Korean lives should not be put on the line because of a possible but unlikely attack from their leader. If America goes to abolish them then there would never be a way to really know if such a destructive choice of action was needed. The nation will from then on always carry the burden of uncertainty of whether the lives that were lost were taken for a legitimate threat of an event that may have occurred otherwise, if there really was any real threat at all. Sometimes it's best not to stir the pot and wait before making a rash decision.

  • Nuclear Weapons are a detterant and should never be used as a first strike option.

    It's sad to say that North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons for decades and now that they have finally got them (allegedly), it is far too late to do anything about them. Russia, China, India, UK, France and Pakistan all have them but never used them. In fact, USA are the only nation to have used them which is quite ad in itself. There is no evidence to say that they would ever use them apart from in defense of an invasion by someone like the U.S. If other Countries have them, then one more doesn't make any difference.

  • Nuclear weapons would cause needless casualties and would affect surrounding countries.

    Kim Jong Un would be dead, but nearly every citizen of North Korea would be as well. It would be also pointless to use a nuke on North Korea. More civilians would die than actual combatants and surrounding countries would be effected. With how much nuclear weapons have developed, North Korea would most likely become no more than an irradiated wasteland if a nuke were to be used. The effects on other countries would be very similar to what happened after the nuclear reactor in Pripyat exploded. In a nutshell, more North Korean civilians and citizens of other countries would die than actual combatants.

  • Nuke not needed

    Why when we have so many other options--MOAB being one on fat boys head and all his military. Nukes are when someone has sent one your way and you want the world to end. Bush sent troops to iraq and in less than a month it was over. So why are we still there? Money to be made, no different than nam. Nukes will affect surrounding countries but MOAB will not. Blow the hell out of them and leave with message you do not want to make us come back.

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robika says2017-08-02T08:35:25.313
All the B1 Bones` tours did was put US in the soup, although Britney Spears` Bones` tour didn`t bomb as much (tongue in cheek remark), the B2 `Spirit`, as second beast of Revelation, only set the scene for the last Trump. Does the US think it`s Walt Disney`s Revelation? What about the other 50% of the Korean population. The women? AIDS is the `biological weapon` for men, which seems to be the historical paradigm. Men kill each other. But why should the enslaved race of women be extinct because of Trump`s desire to hasten on Judgment Day for the sake of a big budget Disney feature.