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  • This is a hard question as there is no alien life

    But in some fantasy world where there was alien life, I suppose nuking it could be justified under some conditions. Starship Troopers is a good example of a scenario like that. "Life", "The Thing", And "Alien". . . Tons of examples where alien life could close to us could be a very dangerous proposition. Given that all things on this earth have an innate sense of self preservation, Survival instinct, I have to assume aliens have that to. Intermingling with any of them will be a risk most should not be willing to take. I think its overly fanciful to be thinking they are going to be friendly beings that want to talk to us and share knowledge.

    But then again. . . Nuking random planets that we have no intent of going to just because they are there. . . That just seems stupid.

  • Why waste it?

    We should not be nuking planets with life because we want to study them right? Plus not only that but nuking a planet could lead to intergalactic war but then again, Aliens could fire the first shots no matter what we do. So let's not nuke our neighbor planets life or no life.

  • Two reasons why not 1 reason for

    This is completely hypothetical as aliens may not even exist but 1. If they are friendly then we could use their help humanity is f*cking falling apart right now and 2. We could use that planet if the earth is no longer inhabitable. The only reason I think we should is if they declare war on us

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