• Nukes are always the best possible solution.

    It is important to show the world who is in position of power as we did in 1945 with the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The world will learn to obey to our orders and laws and the United States of America will rule the world. And if we kill all the Syrians everyone's gonna be dead so the civil war will be over!

  • Stop calling them ISIS. Call them ICRAP. Bomb 24/7

    We can't nuke them but we can bomb the region back to the stone ages. There is no other way. We would not win in a ground war. They are too spread out. Giant bombs, not nukes. The world won't let us use nukes. Bomb the region 24/7 for a year or so. Relentless is the only way to keep them on their heels. Many innocents will sadly die. Better their innocents than ours. Re-name them ICRAP cause thats what they are. Not human. Walking fecal matter.What kind of people cut other people's heads off? They aren't people. They are a WASTE. Must be ruthless.

  • They do not care if you stick up for them or feel that they shouldn't be eliminated.

    Look, ISIS is a terrorist organization. They prey on idiots that will join them and do their dirty work. They know there are impressionable people in the U.S. because it is what our society has formed into. Barack Obama is the biggest enabler of ISIS. He is a terrible leader and should be taken out of office (no not because he's African American). He is more worried about immigrants in the U.S. than he is about ISIS blowing us up. Believe me they are fully capable of developing nuclear bombs. They most likely have since they recently captured cities containing nuclear material. We all need to pull our heads out of our asses this is not about republican or democrat. It is about American lives

  • A nuking could be nice.

    I personally think we need to nuke them. The downside is not all Isis members are in one place. While we may kill a good portion the rest would be extremely vengeful. That being said they are committing crimes against humanity. Unfortunately they did not sign the UN charter so Iraq and Syria dont fall under UN jurisdiction the way the US would for using a nuclear weapon again. Unfortunately we can't. Not easily and of our own volition. Isis would need to do something more drastic to make the UN temporarily allow the use of a nuke. So yes we should bomb them but no we can't.. Yet

  • Terrorism is Collective Punishment Directed Against Us - Retaliate Accordingly

    And we should retaliate with collective punishment against terrorists. The problem with the current approach to the war on terror is that it's very muddled. The Neoconservatives wanted to replace the regimes in the Middle East with democracy to prevent future acts of terrorism. That failed miserably, as we can now see in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The only remaining rationale is then to deter future acts of terrorism. The US has to set down a bright line that terrorist acts will be responded to with massive retaliation. This should involve a series of tactical nuclear strikes directed against ISIS training camps in Syria and Iraq, along with massive conventional carpet bombing of population centers under ISIS control. By the end, Raqqa and Mosul should look as ruined as the Russians left the city of Grozny, Chechnya. It would send a clear and decisive message which would allow the US to disengage from the Middle East while leaving the extremists fearful of provoking further near-genocidal retaliation.

  • Do it. Enough is enough.

    Enough is enough. These animals need to die and die quickly. Diplomacy only works if the counterparty can comprehend the meaning of it. I'm sorry to say, but it is time to send a message and end the stupidity. Collateral damage will be as it may but that's what war is.

  • Its the only way

    Seriusly consider using wmd against this people....The world will be much better and after a while , everyone will forget about it and live more in peace , it will also serve as a preventive measure for future terrorists groups. Nuke them all , by zone , country holding this people should and must be nuked.

  • Enough is enough

    Stop the needless killings now. I'm aware of the aftermath of of using nukes., but they are leaving the world with no other option. If they had the capabilities they would use it on us. Are we going to wait for that to happen? With their resources, it just a mather on time before they have one.

  • ISIS needs to be destroyed some way

    The Islamic State has brutally executed Americans and their own. They need to be put down like rabid dogs, they would do the same to us, so why should this 'humane country' need to put up with them? Just drop a nuke and all of our problems with Syria will end

  • Look at The Video and say we shouldnt

    yeah so if you watch it you will see how sick those people are and you say they shouldent die? I think that whoever watches this and says no we shouldent should reconsider what your are arguing about. I am done here i know i have proved my point.

  • Allah is love, allah is life

    I am only 17
    I love allah so much
    I love all the turbans and sucicide boombings
    allah is love I say ,allah is life
    my dad hears me and calls me an extremist
    I call him a jesus fan boy
    he throws holy water and slaps me and sends me to bed
    im crying and my turban is rekt
    I feel a warm presence at my bed
    its asamba bin laden
    "its all over now"

  • You shouldn't nuke anyone

    If you look at world's history you'll see than violence has been and always will be the worst solution possible. Countries are run by people, and even though people it's natural for people to conflict with they can make use of a neutral, third party to lay out what's at stake and give better solutions. Only the US government would see the "best solution" as a bomb.

  • It is way too simple-minded to just say "Let's nuke Syria!"

    First of all, the threat or use of nuclear weapons go against the international humanitarian law, the law of armed conflict and the UN Charter. So "nuking" Syria is not an option. It is inhumane and a ridiculous suggestion. Secondly, it's not even an option. The US might attack Syria, there may be war, but they would not use nuclear weapons to do so. It just wouldn't happen...

  • What a stupid idea

    We don't nuke a map, we nuke people. And people that live in dictatorships can't be blamed for the actions of their rulers. By definition, these people can't do anything about the things that a dictator wants to do.

    Nuclear weapons should be banned everywhere with no exceptions. Not used.

  • Too much war, must prepare for Russia.

    The United States is already at war with Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, we don't need anymore war. Honestly we probably shouldn't keep on wasting our time, money, and resources battling Iraq anymore so why spend more going to war with a country that is already at war with various other countries in their civil war. In my opinion we should save our money for a war against Russia. You may be asking," why prepare for a war with Russia?" Well America seems to be irking Russia and Russia seems to be irking the U.S. Russia has undermined our efforts in Syria (which ticks us off) and Russia had to kick Edward Snowden out (which ticks them off). The relationship between to two countries is becoming quite rocky if you hadn't noticed. On top of that Russia is trying to extend their power and build a stronger empire. We should prepare in my opinion to take them down instead of going to nuke Syria. Other countries will handle them, let's sit out this round.

  • Syrian situation is complicated enough!

    Syrian war is complicated enough! The U.S nuking it would probably tighten up relations between Iran , Israel, Hezbollah, Russia, terrorists and others. Besides, more casualties will take place, more children scarred for life. What's happening there is pathetic enough. Just arm, train and help through strategic advices and so on for the opposition to fight against the cruel Bashar regime.

  • Peace stop the hate.

    You shouldn't kill. Is one of the commandments. Why kill innocent people (humans) too ? We need peace not more hate and war we don't decide who lives or dies because we are not the creator that job belongs to God. He didn't came to kill and destroy he came to give peace. Don't do it because there is bad after consequences. Just DON'T DO IT.

  • Barbaric narrow minded solution.

    The west getting involved with the Middle Eastern problems has only empowered IsIs. Saddam and Gadaffi were evil no doubt, but they kept militants like Isis under control. We set them free. Stop them visiting our countries, let them destroy each other then move in and clean up the mess.

  • Pointless and stupid idea

    I think the U.S. can win the war against Syria with military troops, no nuclear weapons are needed in order to do so.
    We can't just nuke the whole country, this is not as simple like it seems. Last but not least, a nuclear weapon is reeeally bad for the environment...

  • Wtf is this? A bunch of retards thinking that the world revolves around america

    Whoever votes yes has issues. People just want to live their life and they are being opressed by people they don't want. If you say america can't solve the problem with ground troops, well let me tell you this, they can. They overthrew saddam, previous ruler of iraq(at the time a strong country), in just 40 days.

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Ragnar says2013-09-10T16:50:35.980
"It's the only way to be sure."
Magic8000 says2013-09-11T18:56:46.393
Damn it! Mods removed my troll opinion.
Ragnar says2013-09-12T04:50:01.777
To even need to ask this question, is trolling...
64bithuman says2014-12-19T20:03:02.417
What is truly remarkable is that this was absolutely me being a troll - and yet it has become a serious topic. A topic in which 67% of people honestly think we should nuke Syria! This is very sad.