• They are bad.

    To nuke the Taliban, all you need to do is gather all of the world's nuclear powers and just nuke the world. This will solve the problem of humanity. God bless you all, except the Taliban. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a.

  • No, Utterly Ridiculous.

    The idea of an ad-hoc use of nuclear weapons against sheep farmers and semi-illiterate militants is a moronic strategy. First of all it breaks international law, as does the conflict in Afghanistan, and breaks the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Those responsible would have to be tried for war crimes, amid a storm of condemnation with US standing in the world diminishing. Trade with other states would end and the US would be left diplomatically isolated at best. Anti-US sentiment in the US would grow exponentially and Iran would speed its own nuclear program to be able to defend itself.

  • No of course not

    First off it would be completely inaffective since the Taliban are not based in one central location. They are spread out all across the globe wether it be in afghan, Pakistan, parts of Africa or even here in the US. So that's a lot of nukes we would need to use. Scond of course is the terrible amount of innocent life that would be lost In what would essentially be a futile tactic. Also most importantly it's way WAY more fun to go over there and kill the little Bast**** face to face ;) even though they are cowards that 99% of the time refuse to meet is on the field and so we have to hunt them down like the rodents they are. Which is still fun of course.

  • Nuking the Taliban would just not hurt them.

    A 500kt bomb will have a fireball radius of about 400m,a destruction radius of 5.5km (3.4 mi) and a burn radius (2nd degree) of 9km (5.6mi). Nuclear bombs shouldn't be used to destroy specific targets. Using one just for the sole purpose of eradicating the Taliban is impossible. You would need to expect the lives of more than just the Taliban to be ruined.

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