Should we obligate big companies to donate to poor countries (for health and education)

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  • But through taxes to well-crafted and thought out foreign aid programs

    Foreign aid is only a drop in the bucket and most of foreign aid is military aid. We can afford to do a lot more to uplift the world's poor.

    While funding is important we should also focus on how the money is spent. While people need food now and so food should be important education and access to educational resources (construction of libraries, access to the internet) should be encouraged. Without that then many other well-meaning projects fail. For instance there was an aid group that built a water treatment plant. The community couldn't find engineers who knew how to keep it running and it failed. Subsidizing outsiders to go in and take care of these things on a regular basis could help for a while, but ultimately bolstering education is necessary so that people know how to run these things for themselves.

    To those in the no-column the ideal of lifting yourself up by your bootstraps is appealing in a certain sense, but if you don't first have "boots" to lift up ("boots" being food security, shelter, and access to education) you can't be expected to do that.

  • Justification of Donation

    Big ccompanies are looking for profit, but mostly the big companies which are mulnational doing exploitation and triggering of harmful situation to the poor country. And we think, CSR is not enough to cover all cost that will be spend out from the poor society. It is justify right ?

    Another reason is, by doing donation, it will create a better goodwill and increasing the market and distribution of the companies cause they get trustness from society

  • Hold it right there

    We have homeless veterans and disabled that nobody cares about. How about helping our veterans and disabled before helping any 3rd world country. Lets take Africa for an example when we donate goods and resources it hurts their economy and jobs over there just let Africa handle it on there own. Mean while we have given our jobs to China and Mexico so there is little opportunity for the disadvantage in the US. Fo giving them a few bucks would help them get an education or get them back on there feet. Some of these people have terrible disabilities like PTSD and severe to moderate autism that need more help then ever. That is all I wanted to say.

  • Please vote or comment

    These companies dont owe them anything. They are make their own profit. These poor countries became poor because they probably wasted their money on something usless. They could have provided it for education, hospitals....... Hdbejwfbbwefubwufyuwbfeuybfuwebubfubewuf fegfyefgyef f f f fd d d d d s s fd f f f f I NEEDED MORE WORDS

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