Should we offer to back down on Syria if Assad quits using chemical weapons?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Foreign Policy Victory, War Averted, Easy

    If we tell Assad we'll leave him alone if he stops using chemical weapons he will do it. Assad doesn't want us to intervene. And at the same time an intervention on our part would be a huge mess. Obama should make an overture that if Assad stops using chemical weapons we will back down.

  • Damage is Done.

    President Obama's words where clear if you use chemical weapons we will intervene. Failure to do will result in low U.S. Credibility. With credibility we might as well be A giant terrifying ghost who can only scream and terrorize you, but never physically touch you. Soon every country will begin to terrorize their citizens and at this point the U.S. Will be powerless to intervene, without angering Russia or China. Besides it is estimated that Assad will not put on much of a fight as soon as the U.S. Striking runs begin. In the end we will prove that we are still as strong (if not stronger) than in the 1980's (Desert Storm).

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