• Only Girls Sell Girl Scout Cookies

    Only girls should be allowed to sell Girl Scout cookies as girls are the members of the program. Any adult should be allowed to assist in this effort, as some daughters do not have access to their mothers. However, when it comes down to the children selling the cookies, they should be girls.

  • Girls should sell cookies

    Girls should be solely responsible for selling Girl Scout cookies. It is their program, and they should be the ones invested in supporting it. It also teaches the girls to be self-sufficient. Selling teaches them valuable skills, and builds confidence. Relying on others to sell the cookies sends the wrong message.

  • Flood the market with cookies

    Let anybody that wants to take the time and trouble to sell cookies to complete strangers, in grocery store lobbies and at school do so. Perhaps if enough folks sell girl scout cookies, we can get the market flooded and drive down the cost of a box of thin mints.

  • No, we should only let Girl Scouts sell Girl Scout Cookies.

    The people selling Girl Scout Cookies should be members of the Girl Scouts. This tradition is an important part of the experiencing of being a girl scout; it teaches Girl Scouts lessons about business and sales. Allowing people who are not members of an active Girl Scout troop will undermine one of the purposes of the Girl Scout Cookie fund-raising programs. If boys want to sell Girl Scout Cookies, then they should join the Girl Scouts.

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