• I think we should

    Pedophiles shouldn't live with their attraction so they should be re educated. Its illegal to act on pedophilia with a real child so it has no purpose to remain. Pedophiles could go to this camp and get therapy so they live a happier life. Convicted pedos should be sent here as well because they would get killed in regular prison

  • Send them to Jail.

    How would you feel if your little bro or little sister got brutally attacked and they decided to send the pedo to a camp where they can receive treatment and live in peace?
    No one would want that. Only childless people think that they know what is best for other people's kids.
    You send the to jail where the they will now how it feels to have bigger stronger men prey on them.
    Where they cannot go to shower because that is how they prey on children.

  • No pedophiles should have the right to do what they want.

    Forcing people to go to rehap is against the 5th amendment. Children have proved themselves more than capable of making their own decisions and should be able to have consented sex with adults. Pedophiles should also be able to legally watch child porn rather it's rape or not. The government does not have the right and should not have the right to censor things like this. Forced society's believes on pedophiles would be unconstitutional and excluding children their rights; consent, Drinking, Vote, Etc. , Would also be unconstitutional.

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