• Yes. For the greater good

    We should impose population control laws for certain people. It should be based on IQ and affordability. A poor family with a low IQ that has children will become a burden while a family with a high IQ with a good income would be more likely to be a benefit to society. If a rich family has a low IQ they should not be able to have kids either. There can be great benefits to population control that far out weigh the negatives

  • The Earth is Overpopulated Controls are Needed

    What we need is mandatory serialization and population control based on IQ and genetically passed deformities. If we just started out with anyone with an IQ below 100 gets sterilized then half of all humans couldn't procreate. As the IQ level goes up the number of children goes down so those in the higher IQ range tend to have less children anyway. You could set bands as in if you and your spouses IQ averages 100-109 you can only have one child. If you have a child out of wedlock then you both get sterilized. This would create a huge incentive to not randomly have children and those with high IQs would be sought after. Those with low IQs would be able to copulate all they wanted with no problems of reproduction because they would be sterilized when they first reach reproduction age. As population came into the area capable of being supported on earth you could easily change the controls. Additionally as technology increases or colonization of other planets occurs changes can be made.

  • High population has doomed millions into perpetual state of poverty

    High population density is the reason for very high land prices and traffic congestion. It has prevented millions from coming out of poverty. Increasing population reduces availability of agricultural land and fragmented holdings reducing labor productivity thereby curtailing the income of the poor. It also increases the impact of climate change and threaten the existence of human race. Despite direct impact of greater pollution, high population reduces our capacity to reduce pollution because of reduction in land availability for biofuels and installing solar panels. Given that many are not willing to control birth on their own, to prevent a disaster, we should enact laws

  • Killing babies is bad

    Killing babies is bad. If you say yes, well, I guess some of you people could have gotten killed because of the inconvince, not because your parents wanted you.(or something like that) People need to learn more comman sense these days. So just remember, the next time you want to kill a baby, your parents could have killed you.

  • No, humans are a blessing.

    No, we should not pass population control laws, because humans are a blessing in the world. When animals reach the limits of their natural habitats, their populations begin to control themselves automatically, based on what the resources can support. The same effect would happen for humans. We are far from having too many people in the world.

  • No - We are not genocidal

    Absolutely not. "Population control" laws are a fancy way of saying eugenics, or selecting who can and can't breed to form a "master race." They are racist and ableist and a horrible idea. Who is to decide who should and shouldn't be able to have children? You are bordering on genocide by passing laws like this. Absolutely we should not.

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