• They Deserve It

    Being a college athlete is like working two different jobs. College athletes have to work on school and sports. If you've been to college than you'd know how hard school is. It takes a lot of time and effort to get good grades, let alone work to get better at a sport.

  • No, college athletics should be banned.

    Within the existing University NCAA structure, athletes should be paid. Functionally they work as indentured servants for the their own future benefit, which is wrong. As it stands, they should be paid, but I would go further and say that the NCAA and college sports have gone far beyond the original intent of their existence. The whole system should be dismantled and if money can only be raised by institutions that have to play a role in these systems then it's time for a value check.

  • We should pay college athletes.

    I believe that college athletes should be paid for their
    hard work on the field. Nothing is
    guaranteed. That college athlete that we
    think has it so good and is guaranteed a long career in the major leagues could
    easily get injured at any point in college.
    They should be paid to offset this possibility.

  • No we shouldn't!

    They might make a lot of money for their college but what does that say. They know going in that they won't be making a dime and they have to be ok with that. They are not professionals. They get paid with education. And that can last a whole lot longer then any money can.

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