Should we penalize criminals who have committed horrible crimes by death penalty(pro) or lock them up for life(con)?

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  • It is not murder.

    Murder is the killing of an innocent victim. Those who are given the death penalty (murders) are neither innocent nor "victims". Also, the death penalty saves money. The cost of feeding and clothing a murderer for the rest of his or her life is enormous. Most murderers are relatively young and, therefore, will spend decades in jail, using up are hard-earned tax dollars. The price of a bullet for the execution is a lot less than keeping these killers alive. Lastly the death penalty is the most effective deterrent for murder known to exist. Virtually everybody is afraid of dying, Knowing that you will die for your crimes would make people think twice before pulling the trigger.

  • Why should we not?

    They have done a crime and they should be held responsibilities, why should we only keep them in cells for e.g. 30 years? Is a life they have taken worth 30 years? No. A life is the most precious thing ever because you cannot just simply re-create someone's memmories or mind which they have expriences that have been endured. A life taken shouldnt determine the sentence for an offfender. If you take a life, you loose a life. If the guilt are not in their hands, it will remain in their minds forever.

  • Yes- they have taken away their own human rights.

    If a person has committed a dreadful crime such as murder, then they have taken away their own human rights because they have dislodged themselves from society. As far as I'm concerned, they no longer have any human rights, including the one for themselves to stay alive. No crime is victimless- the criminals have brought their fate on themselves.

  • A life for a Life

    A person who commits the highest crime should face the highest punishment. If a person does not value the life of other human beings, then his life has no value. One execution could save the lives of thousands, and could give the families of the victims final closure. A murderer and a rapist should 100% be put to death, no questions asked.

  • We should penalize by death

    For lots of reasons:
    -when they are alive, there is always a chance they could escape and commit horrendous crimes again
    -overcrowding in jails would be a huge problem, and we may have to build more. Building more jails would cost more money and it would also put more people located by it in possible danger.
    -they would be a worse danger to those located around them in jail. Some people are in jail for petty crimes and some are in there for horrendous reasons. If they somehow ran into eachother, bad things would happen. We are also putting the keepers of the jail (who are openly risking their lives) in danger, and they could get seriously hurt.
    -Gives family or person closure. Ex: if a man butchered a mother's two sons. If we executed him and she knew, she might gain closure and be able to cope and live a higher quality of life.
    All in all, we could possibly be saving and making lives better by eliminating one. Which can be justifiable. The criminals might just want to die anyway, because they would be spending it miserably in jail anyway.

  • It Only Causes More Death

    If you have yet to read Clarence Darrow's speech during the trial of Leopold and Loeb, I highly suggest it. It totally changes the way one views the death penalty. Can a criminal learn a lesson if he is dead? No... Does the death penalty deter future criminals from commiting crimes? No....Then when why should we kill a criminal? Because they deserve it! So is the death penalty more about justice or revenge? There is no justice in the death penalty.

  • Not the death penalty

    It costs more to have someone get the death penalty than it does to keep them in Jail for life. So it is better for the public to just have them in jail for life.

    The death penalty put society on the same Level as the killer and sinks back to the mentality of the medieval days.

    How can we disapprove of killing and then as a society kill people anyway.

  • More cons than pros to the death penalty

    Contrary to popular belief, the death penalty is more expensive than solidary confinement because of all the legal proceedings. Plus, since humans are social beings- life in solitary confinement is WORSE than death. Places with the death penalty have equal and sometimes higher crime rates than places without it. Also, if the person is found innocent than they could be freed from prison, but not death.

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  • More cons than pros

    The cost of the death penalty is huge. Also, locking someone up for the rest of their life is almost worse than killing them. Finally, even the worst criminals do not deserve to die. There are always hidden intentions and stories behind their crimes. They have familia to support and love also.

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