Should we penalize criminals who have committed horrible crimes by the death sentence(pro) or lock them up for life(con)?

Asked by: tswizzle36
  • They deserve to live

    Yes if people consider death as an option then the crime they committed is very serious, but every human being was put on this earth for a reason and their life shouldn't be cute short because of their crime it should be punished. I would want the prisoner to sit in a jail cell for the rest of his life that way he can sit and suffer in a small space with terrible people. And you never know you could have the chance to need the criminals help maybe he will know something about another crime if he's dead he won't tell you, if he's alive he can still talk.

  • These people are a waste of resources.

    When someone commits a horrible crime, such as murder, rape, terrorism, or torture, they must be separated from society. This, I believe we can all agree on. This could either be done by locking them up forever in a cell, needing to be provided with food, water, or even health care for the rest of their lives, or they could be terminated quickly so that no one must deal with them ever again. Why should the government have to continually sacrifice money and resources, that could be used to improve conditions for good citizens, for the purpose of maintaining the life of an evil criminal? Why should our tax dollars pay for a worthless life, instead of for the betterment of the nation in which we live? I firmly believe that it would be much cheaper and easier for everyone to simply execute at least the most terrible of criminals, so that they can be eliminated from everyone's concerns quickly and easily.

  • I wasn't sure whether or not no is advocating for them living but I am picking it to answer as con.

    The ancient law of Hammurabi dictates "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth" but is a system like that really meant to reprimand criminals for their wrong doings or to prevent criminals from committing crimes in the first place? How does executing a criminal in a lawful manner really solve anything but the blood thirst of relatives and friends of the victim that was killed by the criminal? It seems like killing the criminal is just an easy way out for the criminal because he/she would no longer have to suffer or worry about his or her existence because the dead are incapable of such abilities. I say the criminals should be locked in prison to hopefully repent and languish in the realization of their wrongdoings. To toil knowing that they are bound by the chains as criminals, never to live as free men and women again. To know that their actions are irreversible and to sorrow in that acknowledgment for the rest of their lives..

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