• To A Degree

    I personally think, as a society, it is fine to test some things on animals. I think it is a good way to see if our bodies will accept certain thresholds or products. It is better for an animal to be harmed by testing, than a human. Animals should be protected, but if we need to we should be able to use them for things that will help us out.

  • They have fellings!!!!

    Animal testing is completely inhumane. So what if it is a bunny? If you drop bleach into its eyes, it DOES feel it. Its a monkey? Lets not shoot it with chemical concoctions!!!! A cure for AIDS is found. INSIDE A BUNNY THROAT. IT IS COMPLETELY INHUMANE TO TEST ON ANIMALS!!!!!! SO LONG AND GOODNIGHT BUNNYKILLERS!!!

  • We should not perform tests on animals

    We should not perform tests on animals as their physical makeup is too different from humans to make the results of the test meaningful in relation to humans. In this age of technological advances it should be possible to create better ways of testing then testing on animals then dissecting them to gain the results.

  • Dissecting Animals: The Real Truth

    Animals are beautiful creatures that don't deserve to be killed. It's time that we BAN this right and animals should not be killed because of that. IT'S TIME TO END THIS STUFF NOW OR ELSE YOU'LL GET THE BEST OF THE ANIMAL SOCIETY!! DO NOT KILL, LET THEM LIVE NOW! This is Dzifa Melomey and I 'speak for the animals'.
    Even AN ELEPHANT has been dissected. A POOR INNOCENT ELEPHANT! Do you want an elephant to kill YOU? Stop all this CRAZY SHENANIGANS! It's fine if the animal is dead, but cut it ALIVE? NOW I know why lions sometimes want to kill you I'm not even in MIDDLE SCHOOL and I know how DISGUSTINGLY DISGUSTING it is! And you'd probably think why a 5th grader wants to talk about it!

  • Bunnys need to be free!

    They never get to be free and also never get to burrow free and hang with their parents i lnow it is sad so we can't let them do it. They put chemicals on them that hurts their eyes and skin which hurts them they could go blind or even die and they never get see light they only see the darkness of labs.

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