• Getting To That Point

    We do not need to get crazy with the restrictions on sugar though. Just cut back on the sugar when we make our food products. How hard would that be? Maybe we could use other things like honey to replace some of the sugar, which is much better for people anyway.

  • We should place stricter regulations on sugar.

    Yes, we should enact stricter regulations when it comes to sugar. There are numerous health risks associated with excessive sugar intake. Many food products geared towards children are particularly high in sugar, which can lead to childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. For that reason, I believe there should be stricter regulations on sugar.

  • We're OK after eating sugar

    People should be able to regulate their own sugar intake. If they don't, They might get type 2 diabetes, And that's on them. I mean, Johny eats sugar and ice cream, And is he OK? Yes, He's fine. Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=VlgMnwmKXi0&t=56s. Later one, His sister eats doughnuts, And is she OK? She's not hyper or anything afterward. These are some reasons why we should not place stricter regulations on sugar.

  • Coke is better with sugar.

    No, we should not place stricter regulations on sugar, because it doesn't serve the general interests of this country to be propping up a single industry. With the costs of sugar so high, Coca-Cola in the United States uses corn syrup, even though it is much better with real sugar. Sugar should be at market costs.

  • No we should not

    No, there should not be more regulations on sugar. If people want to buy a large quantity of sugar, then they need to be able to. I think that even though we have an obesity problem, that is the peoples decision, and we do not need to govern what they buy.

  • No, we should not

    I think sugar is just fine the way it is. If you think it should be regulated because of our children, maybe you should get your home in order before you pass judgment. If you think the spill in Honolulu was a good reason to regulate it, you might have a point,but its only one spill.

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