Should we plan a mission to the Moon to investigate its water?

Asked by: Ghox-E
  • We should encourage more space exploration.

    Humans have a limited amount of space on earth's surface, therefore we have to commit ourselves to expand our frontiers by engaging in deep space exploration. Searching for water on the moon maybe an important step to explore the broader solar system. Water in space is priceless, because each Kg sent to space costs 10 grand. That means that if we can find the resources out there we are going to save a lot of money. In consequence, exploration can become affordable for private enterprises, which can build colonies and ultimately expand human civilization.

  • Exploration and advancement of the human race

    The human race, I feel, puts to many resources toward unnecessary things. Instead of being counterproductive and destroying ourselves or trivial differences, we should be exploring our universe. If we ever hope to discovery life's greatest mysteries, we have to go searching. If not all we have is a pointless existence on a rock that will one day run out of our essential materials to support our needy lifestyles.

  • Of course we should.

    If water happened to have been on the moon, that means life could be sustainable.. Which only happens on one planet - Earth. If a new planet (or, along the sorts, like the Moon,) could sustain life, it would be truly revolutionary. We should not pass up this amazing opportunity if it was announced.

  • I believe we should.

    If we don't explore and discover anything and everything in our power all we're doing is falling back into the stone ages. If we have the means to go to the moon and investigate possibly water or anything else to give proof that life was sustainable on other planets, that just gives another opportunity to possibly travel to other planets in the future. We'd know that there actually worth going to because we could actually use resources on these other planets that we might possibly need in the future. If you have a phone chances are your using it to communicate with another person. If we have rockets, gear and the means to go to another planet to study it. Why aren't we?

  • An Indian observation has confirmed that a rock near the equator, located in a crater, suggests water below.

    I believe that we should make the trip and intensify space exploration once again. I am happy with the talks I hear about Mars exploration and quite frankly I believe there is room for the Moon as well. It is much closer to us and we've never been back since we made the first visit. Technology has come a long way and I'm sure it would be for the better of science to have a human go and take a look. Anyway, what do you think?

  • No go to Antarctica:

    If we need more fresh water we should go to Antarctica, if we need more fresh water since most of the worlds supply is frozen there.

    It its just a mission to test the water on the moon im not opposed to it, last time we went was to prove we could. Other than that I thought it was Mars all the scientist were eager to investigate with its polar ice caps.

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