• Yes, unfortunately we should.

    We need to seriously get the media out of that town and leave those families alone. However, in the end, I believe those families will want a serious public discussion of the role of guns in our culture. It is already a much politicized subject and the only solid solutions have to come from the political realm. Guns cause as much grief in our culture as drugs do. Perhaps the government should have a "war on guns".

  • We need to respect the families involved.

    This was a terrible tragedy that requires empathy and sympathy on the part of the general public. These families were devastated; politicizing the event will only pour salt on the wound. Each of the families deserve the opportunity to mourn without interference from politicians who's only purpose would be to promote their own personal agendas and popularity.

  • No, the focus should be on the children.

    It seems to be a knee-jerk reaction in this country to respond to any and all tragedies with a "take immediate action!" response. Unfortunately, things of this nature and magnitude cannot always be prevented. It may sound callous, but since the dawn of mankind, murder has been a part of our existence. It is certainly not pleasant, but before guns existed there were still murders. The best thing we can do as a country is to let the families mourn, and then maybe after an appropriate amount of time has passed we can have a dialogue about the best way to handle mental illness.

  • No, we should not politicize the Newton shooting.

    Doing so is an insult to the victims and their families. To use this horrible tragedy for political gain would be inexcusable, and in the worst possible taste. A mentally ill man executed twenty babies. To try and make political hay from that is disgusting, and anyone who would even suggest such a thing should be ashamed of themselves.

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