• In Addition to My Reply

    Everyone is already paying for public schools. If schools were privatized, then citizens would not be paying for those schools. For example, and I am using reasonable, but made up numbers, to help make my point. If a family currently pays $3,000 a year in taxes that goes towards school, if the system was privatized, then they could use that $3,000 towards the school of their choice. If a family does not have kids, then they simply do not have to pay for the tax that goes towards the schools. In a privatized school system, there will be schools that cost more and cost less, depending on the quality of teaching. Yes, wealth will play a role, but schools at all levels will be held responsible for the quality of teaching and the level of education taught to our kids will increase as a whole, especially at the lowest levels. I much rather have a system that holds everyone accountable than a system that gives everyone a pass. Yes there will be students that will never get to experience a higher sense of learning due to lack of wealth but how is that different than now? By privatizing the system, you provide a much greater amount of education for families at their own price range. If anything, families will receive a greater education for their money than before.

  • sure if the government can afford it why not?

    If the question is referring to making all public schools into private schools then yes of course they should want to move forward with that because it would be more fair for the poor kids who have to envy the rich kids all the time. It would bring more balance to society.

  • Capitalism is King

    To disprove this "it's too expensive theory" you need only to look at the cell phone industry. The big three Apple, HTC and Samsung compete not only from a technology and quality standpoint but also from a financial perspective as well. All top of the line phones are basically the same price the choice is really in what you as the consumer prefers. Privatization would be the best thing to happen to the American school system in the history of the USA. How is this possible? Simple, government control encourages mediocrity but when corporations are competing for customers the quality of the product and the price improves and it often does so rapidly. This also comes with the added bonus of union free teachers, tenure goes away and incompetence can once again be punished with dismissal from the institution. Furthermore many middle class Americans already make massive financial sacrifices to put their kids in private institutions, one because they generally are better and two to avoid Liberal Indoctrination. The public school system is not "good" it’s not competitive and is riddled with corruption so YES schools should all be privatized.

  • Government Funding.

    Due to the recession, many of the countries has diverted or decreased its public expenditure in order to overcome not only recession but also a country's deficits and other external debts.
    Therefore the need for an alternative source for education funding has increased tremendously and privitization will always help in solving this problem.

  • True Capitalism & Lassiez Faire have Never Failed!

    All I'm seeing on the "no" side is, "too expensive". Allow me to disprove this statement, and also tell you how privatizing schools could be the best decision anyone has ever made.
    Firstly, my family, even at the poverty level (which, in America, is actually not far at all from the "average American family", by the way), actually IS able to afford private education for all three children. And... Huh, the "average American family" has only about 2.6 children!
    Moving on to my second point, should the school system be capitalized/privatized, not only will the new schools that would replace the public ones be competing with their educating styles, but price as well!
    Third, have you checked the federal deficit lately? Does it look like the government can afford much? No. Does it spend more anyway? Yes.
    Fourthly, technology has come a long way since the school system was centralized. There are now online schools which cost far less to run than your average school system. I can even name a few who spend their extra government funds by offering a free amusement park ticket for each student and their parents. Sure, it might be the "bad" thing you all call homeschooling, but cyber-school looks pretty appealing to me.

  • Cultura diversity, Different methods, You choose what is best for your kid.

    I guess it would improve the quality, More control of their parents what their children are studying, Different ways of teaching. The whole system should be privatized and have less regulation or no regulation. It would be beneficial for the people, The competition will increase the innovation. About the poor it will create more jobs also, Companies could create programs to trainee people and hire them later.

  • It Would Save Tax Payer Money.

    It Would Save Tax Payer Money. Education Is A Privilege Not A Right. Privatizing Schools Would Let The Teachers Decide What They Teach & How They Teach. Schools Love To Violate The U. S. Constitution. It Would Let The School Decide If They Want To Be A GFZ (Gun Free Zone) Or A Pro-Gun Zone.

  • Public Schools are Failing

    The public school system is failing to advance the progress of education. It costs more than ever before. It is not keeping up with inflation and other countries are quickly surpassing us in terms of the STEM subjects and general trade labor. We should privatize high schools and universities first before considering primary schools.

  • Competition is key

    If we privatized the school system, Students will be able to have more choice, And students won’t have to have their performance driven down by bad schools and teachers unions. People could have absolute choice for their school. It would also cut education funding by a lot. There would be private school tuition vouchers for poorer students that would be as much as the state spends per student at a public school and the surplus would go to the school so they could lower tuition for all students with surplus funds.

  • This will stop teachers going on strike

    We have teachers striking across the country to protest low wages and limited resources. The only way that states can fix this is by increasing taxes on people living in the state, people often living paycheck to paycheck and even the very teachers that will be receiving pay increases. It's robbing Peter to pay Paul and I can't help but feel a certain level of resentment towards the teachers for demanding more from people like me who struggle to make ends meet some months. At the same time I recognize their struggle, but taxing people more isn't the answer. We've also seen test scores drop off in recent years and the cirriculum is being watered down and in some states, heavily politicized, focusing on teaching kids how to feel rather than how to adjust to reality. We need to privatize schools so that parents and communities have more of a say in the education that their children receive and so that we can make schools competitive, which will by it's very nature increase wages and working conditions for teachers.

  • Why privatize our schools?

    Why are we doing this to our kids? Why privatize our teachers, drivers, and janitors and make them lose their jobs that they do diligently. Please give me any reason that people who work hard should lose their jobs just so kids can get 'motivated' or 'not as distracted.' seriously

  • Private School

    There are privatized schools already. They tend to cost a lot more money than the public school system does. Also, not all families can afford to send their child to a privatized school system. This would also mean that the school system becomes that of the government and the government would then dictate what children were to learn on any given day.

  • Can't afford

    The average amount of people cant afford for their children to attend a private school. They are already to busy working to pay for their bills and food and also their needs. Also, many parents can't homeschool their children because they are too busy doing other things. That is my point of view.

  • Costs Become Prohibitive

    If all schools are privatized, costs become prohibitive for ordinary Americans. Most citizens can't afford to homeschool their kids because they have jobs. Private schools already cost too much for most folks. If schools become privatized, one parent will have to stay home with the children to educate them while the other parent works. That method simply doesn't work in today's society.

  • Huge step backwards!

    There was a time when there was no public school system; you either could afford an education or you didn't get one. Public schools are intended to allow everyone the chance to get an education, regardless. Getting rid of them would only go back to the time when people with money could afford to be educated and the poor were stuck with ignorance.

  • Unfair advantage for the wealthy

    Only a small amount of families can actually afford to send their children to a private school. Here in Canada, Most private schools go for $20, 000 a year. If you compare that with an average persons income ($40, 000), Theres no way they can support 2 kids going to school for high school, And pay mortgages, Car payments, Groceries etc. And then what happens to their university savings? They don't have any. Privatization of school systems will only benefit the wealthy

  • Corruption is easy

    The problem with privatized education is corporations can easily invert whatever agenda they want onto children. Say you're in a small town and there's only one school owned by a specific company, and the school teaches values that you don't agree with, such as forcing students to practice a specific religion. Sure, another school could be built by a different company, but then they'd just be molding kids into whatever their standards are. You could argue that's already the case with a supposed bias in public school, but that can be sorted out to be more objective. Corporations and governments both have their own interests in mind, but at the very least the latter can be voted out if need be. Forcing a price onto something isn't the answer to every problem, we shouldn't be forced to pay just to breathe a gulp of air.

  • Education is not a business, in this country it is a right.

    Business are singularly focused on profit, especially corporations. Educators are focused on children. This was well illustrated in the Blueberry story by Jamie Robert Vollmer. Educators can't adopt a business approach, nor should they. Private enterprise has long been a partner to education, providing books and technology, but we can't had over the welfare of our children to a profit motivation.

  • Schools are about educating people not making as much profit as possible

    If we privatized our schools then businesses would try and cut costs as much as possible for example cutting staff or the number of books or resources the school can buy just to make as much money as possible from the school. Education is not about profit it's about teaching people.

  • Privatization does not mean lower taxes!

    The argument that it is unfair for people who do not have school-age children doesn't even apply in this debate. If this is your argument, you simply do not understand the subject. When privatization is discussed in education, it is basically the same concept as private prisons. Typically charter schools are, at best, trying to offer the same service as public schools but at a lower cost. Therefore their per student profit is greater. This is not a model for better education, it is a model for program cuts. Plus, under-performing charters can close in the middle of a semester with no plan for where students go next. Then the same public schools whose funding was sucked by these charters have to absorb the displaced students.

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