Should we prohibit adopting children from other countries in order to encourage domestic adoptions?

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  • No, adoption is a major decision

    Anyone looking to make the generous offer of bringing an unwanted child into their home to raise, deserves the chance to pick a child from whatever country they want. It’s a lifelong, serious commitment and the adoptive parents deserve all the freedom of choice possible and their wishes should be respected and honored, not limited.

  • Adoptions from other Nations should be allowed.

    Due to some regulations people aren't always able to adopt from the U.S. Gay couples, for example, are sometimes prohibited by some states from adopting. Adoptions from your own Nation should be encouraged first, whenever possible, but all children need homes, and some Nations don't have a high adoption rate.

  • Adoption is great everywhere

    It does not matter where you adopt a child anyone who wants to adopt and help a child to live a proper life should be able to do it anywhere. There should not be any restrictions or boundaries for someone who wants to adopt internationally it would make no sense towards the cause.

  • There's a different audience.

    No, we should not prohibit adopting children from other countries in order to encourage domestic adoptions, because the people who adopt domestically are different than the people who adopt internationally. The number of domestic adoptions would probably not increase a great deal. People should have all options available for them if they are doing the good deed of adopting.

  • No, we should not.

    What we should do is encourage adoption more in general. There are a lot of stray children out there, living in impoverished conditions and struggling day to day to get by. A human being is a human being, and they deserve a chance no matter where they're from. I'm for emphasizing adoption.

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