• 100% of criminals and tyrants use oxygen

    Multiple studies have shown that 100% of all criminals have inhaled doses of oxygen. It's been proven before killing, raping,or robbing people these inhumane criminals have inhaled oxygen. Examples include Adolf Hitler, Al Capone, Jesse James, Adam Lanza, Timothy Mcveigh, Osama Bin Laden and Kim Jong un. In conclusion, we should prohibit all citizens from inhaling oxygen in order to prevent future crimes.

  • It might be a little inconvenient.

    Not being able to breathe might be a minor disadvantage. I personally like breathing, so that's why I'm voting "no." If General-Z doesn't like breathing, he is perfectly free to stop. I don't recommend it, though, I don't think it would be that much fun.

    Oh, while we're at it, we should outlaw the sun because criminals and tyrants use it to see by, and the moon for aiding and abetting them in their activities.

  • All humans need oxygen to live

    If no one was able to breathe oxygen, everyone would die, resulting in the extinction of humanity, which is generally accepted as being a bad thing. Nothing good could outweigh this negative result. Even if we did attempt to prohibit the use of oxygen, the enforcers of this prohibition would all die from not being able to breath oxygen, thus it can't be enforced for very long. So even if for some reason you think it would be a good think to cause the extinction of humanity, the banning of oxygen wouldn't be an effective way of doing this. Nuclear war would be a much more effective way. So no matter what, prohibiting the use of oxygen is a bad idea.

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