• Yes!! Gender roles suck! They arnt even roles. They are just ones imagination to how they want the world to be

    Gender roles are disgraceful. Housewives are pathetic and degraded. A woman doesn't need to make her man happy. But a women AND man should make each other happy! WOMEN DO NOT BELONG SHACKLED TO THE KITCHEN AND HOME!! Women must go out and work get jobs and get paid and be the bread winners. It is inappropriate to be a housewife. For the people who think women belong home go to the hospital because you need some serious medical help. Women have freedom and rights. We longed deserved it. Feminism has taken place because in the dark ages women were so unhappy being a slave to the home. Housewives just throw their life away. Boys will not tell us women what to do with our lives. I will be a plumber and teach the cowardous boys a lesson. So go chop off ur balls and shove them down your throat cuz I'm tired of hearing ur bull$hit!

  • Equality Is Important

    I believe equality in every facet is very important, especially equality between the two genders. Today's world requires that women and men get along to further society. Women have to work just as hard and just as much as men. Women and men deserve to have the same set of rights.

  • Why shouldn't we?

    The real question is, why shouldn't we promote gender equality? As the song goes, there's nothing that you can do that I can't do better, and it's true. Women are in no way physically or mentally inferior to men. This is a standard set by a sexist, paternalistic society, and with real equality we can change this.

  • Yes we should.

    We should promote gender equality because everyone should be treated the same, despite what gender they are. If someone is a girl but does a firemans job better than the men than it should reflect as such just like a man who makes a better nurse should be given the same chances.

  • Yes we should.

    Gender equality has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go. Women almost always make less than men for doing the same job. This is just one example that shows that we still need to speak out and promote gender equality. Promotion would only help the cause.

  • Equal Pay for Men, Women

    Gender equality simply makes sense. Women should get paid the same amount of money as men in the same position. Women should have the same choices as men. There are record numbers of women in the U.S. Senate. All we need now is a female president in order to have even more gender equality in the United States.

  • Yes, we should promote gender equality.

    Gender equality should be promoted until the entire world treats all human beings as equal. There is way to many countries where women do not have the same rights as men. Very few countries have ever had a women in charge. The United States has never had a women president. We should strive for equality.

  • Too A Certain Degree

    I think gender equality should be promoted but to a certain degree. Woman are allowed to do just about the same things as men. Our society has made it so a woman could play football or wrestle but women just don't. Same thing with men. Girls always want a guy to hold the door for them or buy dinner but that is not gender equality. I'm not saying guys shouldn't do that but it shouldn't be necessary if everyone wants equality. Everyone needs to be allowed to the same things and everyone should have the same expectations for everyone.

  • Yes, we should definitely promote gender equality

    Gender equality is something that should not be debated. It is obvious that there is so much sexism and inequality in society, especially in the workforce, and I feel that not enough measures are being taken to prevent and stop such problems. This is definitely something that should be promoted.

  • Yes, I don't understand how anyone wouldn't want to promote gender equality.

    It always amazes me that this is still an issue in today's world. When I heard some of the recent studies that found women still don't earn equal pay, I was nothing but confused. I thought we had resolved that issue decades ago. How can anyone justify someone making less money for the same job performance based on their gender?

    Posted by: AVAM
  • To a point

    Women need to know how to make their man happy, and by staying In the kitchen and home and cleaning this can be done easily. They can't be going out of the house and getting jobs. That's Inappropriate. I don't even know how someone would be okay with a woman working with them..

  • It shuld not be promoted

    You find that in the bible a woman was created out of a man therefore its automatic that men are superior to women.Also we have never heard an angel or a human being who went to heaven,even we called God our father and jesus the son so its evidence that we are superior to women. Scientifically men are stronger than women so there is no way we are going to be equal.Yes the world is going to say so but the truth is open that we will never be equal.

  • Women are supposed to stay at home

    I as a women think that there should not promote gender equality. Why? Well because as women we have to stay home and make dinner for our men. All we have to do is stay at home and clean. Nothing more nothing less. We are here to please our husbands, and that is it

  • Although both women and men should be equal, there is a reason man have traditionally been the workers of the family

    For a family to function most efficiently, one parent should take the role of providing for the family, while the other takes care of the house and children. Up to this point, it has been tradition for the father to be that one who works outside of the family, while mothers stay at home with the children. While I wont argue that the work the mothers contributes to the family is hard, and perhaps often gone unrecognized. It is not profitable for the father to be the one to care for the family while the mother works. Because men are built to be stronger, indicating they are naturally more fit for physical work, while the women have the upper hand with relating emotionally, perhaps with deeper, more profound cognitive development. Other people, in support of women, have explained to me that society has shifted away from physical labor, and has focused more on technological advances for industrialization, which would require women more preferably than men because of their more sophisticated emotional IQ. Although I understand this statement, it is still practical for women to be at home mothering the children. If women weren't to work at home, then the men would have to, which from their chemistry, they would not be most suited for. They should instead be the protectors of their wives and children, hence the belief that men are leaders of the home. To promote families, we should maintain the gender roles that we have had, with women to take care of the home, and the fathers to work outside of the home, which is their responisibility

  • Although I believe women are nothing less than "smart", there is a reason men have been generally the workers and protectors of the family

    From the past, women have been supposed to take care of the family, while men are out working. While I understand that there are changes happening in todays time, it is not right for women to suppose they can do the same work as men. Men have naturally been built for different tasks than women. From their build, men are stronger, and with their strength, it is appropriate for them to work for the family. And, I'm thinking physical work, because I can't argue that men are more intelligent than women. There is much to show that women are more fit to be in office work, and other jobs which requires more mental ability. But, I believe that, because men in general are not as emotionally regulated as women, they are not as fit for taking care of the family as a women. If we are to promote families, we need to maintain the roles of gender in our society, despite the many changes that is happening. What I am not sure of, is if there is any difference in the effects on children in the family depending on whether their primary care taker is a man or women, or transgender, and I would like to know if there is any research on this

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  • Not to the extent people say we should.

    Niether gender is inferior to the other, but today people say we should be able to decide what gender we want to be. You cannot deny that girls and boys are different all the way down to their DNA. Some boys are more feminine than others and some girls vice versa. Girls and boys should have the same job and life opportunities as the opposite sex, but we are who we are. Besides, don't you think if we supported that kind of equality, some perverts will take advantage of it. I wouldn't trust a boy in the girls' lockeroom, ever. Even if he claimed to be a girl.

    What happened to love yourself for who you are? That should include the body you were born with.

  • It is not needed

    Gender equality is impossible to attain. I am more inclined to believe that men and women have equal opportunity to do what they can to be successful in life. But equality is a loaded word, and a dangerous one at that. It enables people to feel superior over others, and downgrades the ability to work together. By saying that I am equal to you, I am in fact asserting that I am better than you. This type of rhetoric is not needed. Men and women should just be content with who they are and function without the influence from the media, and other nonsense.

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