• Language is identity

    Language is one of essence which compose identity. So we need to protect it for world peace and equality. Not to protect minority language is equal to ignore human right. Of course common language is useful to communicate with other country's people but we have duty to hand down traditional culture to next generation. Traditional culture means language.

  • Languages hold meaning

    There are just some things that you can't say with other languages. It holds significance in their cultures history and where they lived, for example the Eskimos have more than 50 different words for different snow types. Like fresh snow on top of old snow. You learn a lot more about the people and their culture just from what they speak so I think we should save the languages

  • Minority Languages are Important

    All languages are important. They hold the key to insights about societies, art, music, philosophy, religion, politics, and more. It is important to protect minority languages so we do not lose them. The United States alone is made up of people with many different backgrounds. Protecting people's rights to speak their own language is the right thing to do.

  • That responsibility belongs to the speakers of the language and no one else; all languages are of equal value.

    Languages belong to those who speak it. If a language is in peril and its speakers do not deem it a worthy endeavour to save their own language, then there is no reason to impose this task on anyone else. There is nothing in a language that makes it intrinsically better than another; it can therefore be inferred that all languages could be replaced by another without taking away humans' ability to express themselves. All attachment to a given language is purely sentimental.

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