• They are cool

    They bring a lot of tourists from around the world just to see this beautiful and amzing ecosystem.
    There are no sustainable reason of destroing everglades.
    Vote for trump.
    Have a good day.
    Eat a lot of turkish kebab.
    We have to build a wall between everglades and miami.
    See you

  • No, we shall not

    Because i feel like these animal do not get treated right theirs to much silence these animals and wildlife should be taken to a zoo i just want what is best for the animal (animal lover):) there might be nothing going on but if theres silince should that mean that the animals are dead :0

  • Why should we protect the everglades

    We should protect the everglades because the water we drain goes down to the everglades and it makes the land flude so that is reakly bad we can lose animales and the animales need food and more habitat to live and stop the eroizion that is happing so thats why we should protect the everglades 10 bayli ann legg mr.Martin class citrus grone fiekd trip febraury 2,3 2015 and the suger bessince is getting smaller and it is making he everglades smaller so that why we should protect the everglades wish me and my class good luck hope you like my papper i learned it in class thats why we are going on the field trip to the everglades i am so exsited we did a document analases love you bye please write back

  • Yes we should protect natural land

    We should definitely make an effort to protect the Florida Everglades. They are home to many wildlife animals. Let's face it many natural locations have been destroyed over the years so making a conscious effort to preserve one of the remaining areas is well worth our time. There are already some measures to protect them.

  • The sponge hat provides one third of Floridians with their daily water must be protected.

    We must find ways to slow down the westward expansion of cities through sprawl. There are other ways to grow. Encourage infill, density, and public transportation, encourage parks and quality of life in the inner cities, encourage sensible planning that allows corner stores in our neighborhoods: all of these are things that many Floridians already support. Yet, only voter pressure and politicians willing to lead will make "ideas" into "reality."

    Meanwhile, without changes, Eastern Coast cities will keep sprawling, their arteries full off traffic and pollution, the Everglades will continue to shrink, and our water table will continue to fall, causing salt water intrusion in our coasts, and higher water bills for Floridians.

    We must maintain a balance, and for long our attitudes towards our great big asset south of Lake Okeechobee have directed our acts. It is time to change course for a better Florida.

  • A wholehearted "yes".

    The Florida Everglades need to be protected as to do other areas of our beautiful country, instead of allowing to be succumbed to greed from over development. Florida has some of the most developed areas in the country, and they do not need any more. That's just greed. We need to protect our beauty and natural resources.

  • Yes, we should.

    What should we do, bulldoze the place and put up some more malls, highways, and office buildings? To hell with that. The Florida Everglades are much better and beautiful than any bull crap we can build. It makes me sick that some people want to destroy it just to turn a profit.

  • Yes, it's a special place.

    The Florida Everglades should be protected much like other areas. The Everglades is a home to many species of animals, not just from Florida, but from across the world that migrate there seasonally. When we start to destroy one ecosystem, it will ultimately destroy all ecosystems across the board in the world.

  • Yes, we should protect the Florida Everglades

    Like all ecosystems, particularly large ones, the Florida everglades should be protected. As human animals, we do not exist independently of the natural systems around us. When the natural systems around us are overly disturbed through development or resource extraction, our lives are also be affected. And, we never know the long term effects of such disturbance. Also, we need natural beauty around us for overall health.

  • We shall not care

    Because I don't care for any of the animals in the Everglades and people just wasting their money to protect the Everglades for nothing . And the Everglades ant doing nothing for us. So that's why I don't care for the Everglades at all. And plus the animals are dangerous . So how we suppose to protect their environment.

  • Nah bruh we good

    Well as a strong independent black woman in todays society I believe that the everglades is a lie put together by the US government like they always doing the money will just go to the government like no please I earned that money so yeah nah bruh we good as good

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