• The poor need us now

    Now we need peaple to help us we need food we will do what others can't we will save lives lost soldeirs find there ways we will be the ones who will protect the poor we will suply them we will protect them it dosent matter how big or sall you can make huge diffrence in this world i will lay down my life for these lost souls we can do this we can. . . Help i am a student and i can even make a diffrence donate feed. . . Help.

  • Love all serve all for Compassion

    As human beings we need to look out for each other. Food is a necessity and where we can we should reach out to those that need help. Food poverty can be happening anywhere not just thirdworld companies. If you have the means to provide food just do it. 😊

  • Yes,but by who?

    I believe in giving to the poor,but the money and help must go directly to them from the free giving supporters.Watch out because so many companies like food for the poor use the love from people's hearts to get money,but than they turn around and have bad management with money,and make constant mistakes with transactions that it is a shame.Help feed the poor,but do it with wise judgement,and give to the right people,so the effort becomes a effort of success:to make change and actual effects that are long term and lasting changes.This will lead to a real change,and a brighter future for everyone overall!

  • I say yes

    Because kids and parents that are homeless have shorter lives than we do. Some people leave them on the road,or maybe say "get a job". When i grow up, I would order food from around and give to the poor. Homeless people are always holding signs say"I want food and a place to live.

  • We should provide food for the poor.

    Its not always their fault that they can't afford a house, or food. Most of them also had jobs, or are veterans, and those places went out of business causing them to be jobless. They are people to so treat them like it. Wouldn't you want people to supply you with food if you were in that situaution. I'm not saying just hand it over though, cause that's not how life works, but if they really want is, or need it, they'll do something to earn it.

  • Yes, yet the person should work for their keep in some way.

    It is a moral obligation on each one of us to do this. Still, a lazy person (not a fat person, as fat and lazy are not the same, if you've never worked with a lazy person) should be making the effort to fix their problems.
    The welfare systems are counter-productive. They get the unemployed to sit in queues for hours, sometimes even whole days, while they wait to get assistance.
    As for being rich, there is no "I've earned enough now", as a comment from the former richest man in the world stated "Enough" was "just a little more". Insatiable. This is the problem.
    The Bible had a system where those harvesting left an edge around their fields for the poor, who could come along and collect for their families. Those poor, still had to work, even if they weren't making profit, but being satisfied. Mind you, they also weren't the victims of housing being exploited by rich people, as their land was allotted to them.
    The drug-addict begging for drug-money needs to go to hospital. The smoker needs to evaluate what they are actually devoted to, and what is first place in their life. A bit of paper with leaves in it is more important than their life? Self-analysis often is required.
    Still, in this system of things, there will always be poor people. This is the inheritance given from the selfish.

  • I think we should provide food for the poor because......

    Some parent want the best for their children, but the parent who have children, and are homeless want them to live a way better live than they every could dream to have of want to have. They want to eat, have clothes in their back, a roof over their head , a stove to cook on to provide food for them self; but no, the world has to be a horrible, selfish, place where all of us have to try and survive.

  • Yes we should

    Because i have been in that situation before and i am not going there again. I have seen many people suffering the consequences because of this situation. I am in this because there are families out there who need our help. They are people too. If you don't agree to our statement, we don't blame you. But just keep in mind that there are people out there who need's your appreciation. If you come and join us you can see how wonderful it would be like to change other people's lives. Make the change happen. And make it happen now. And I also want thank God for his help too.

  • Yes we should provide food for the poor

    We should provide food for the poor because those people who are poor they have no money or any clean clothes to wear or somewhere to shower or something to eat but not for long, because people who care like me would help them get into a shelter and get food for them and help them out like give some money like 2 bucks or more to help them out so they can get more food for them. And thats why I think we should provide food for the poor.

  • Yes, we should give food for the poor

    We should give food for the poor because they don't have any money or anything. The least we could would be to give them a piece of bread or something. Why should they starve? They didn't do anything that caused them to starve. So why should THEY starve? What would you do if you were the poor? You probably would want people to give you food, right? So why should we give food to the poor?

  • I say no

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