• Without a Doubt

    Those who are anti-science have often put up a fight to anything they perceive to be a threat to nature. Why should others suffer because anti-progress people are afraid of the future that science advancement might bring us? Gene therapy is something that has great promise and potential to cure all kinds of painful and deadly illnesses. We should exhaust all resources available in order to make life better for all.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • With caution.

    Gene therapy has been shown to have many possible applications in medical science that would outright do away with or suppress common medical conditions. However, the manipulation of the human genome should always be approached with caution, as room for abuse and eugenic ideals can find their way into this type of procedure.

  • Yes to Gene Therapy

    I still believe that there are so many unknown answers and cures for things that science still hasn't discovered yet, that I think it's important to explore as many options as possible in order to help people live longer and healthier lives. Especially with a focus on being rehabilitative in nature.

  • Yes we should

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  • Yes yes yes

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  • Carefully, very carefully

    To not use it would be an injustice. There are so many genetic disorders that cause untold suffering like Tay Sachs. Even not curing hemophilia which a person can live with (but with great difficult and great risk to one's life everyday from the potential to bleed to death) would be wrong. I'd even say cure asthma.
    But when you think about gene therapy for mental differences then it becomes questionable. Curing things like ADD, autism, dyslexia will be extremely controversial and for good reason. The deficits of these things often go along with different ways of thinking that also produce some benefits, and one's abilities whether well or poor on any given trait contribute in real ways to the development of who someone is as a person. On the other hand it would be hard to argue that we shouldn't cure the more severe cases of autism or that we shouldn't cure psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. A line will need to be drawn somewhere and it's not going to be easy defining where. Autistic people in particular tend to be proud of who they are and adamantly against a cure.

  • Yes, we should absolutely pursue gene therapy because it can help save lives.

    If gene therapy can spare individuals from life-threatening, genetic, medical conditions, it would be wrong not to pursue it. It's true that the science could be taken too far, as with any other, but to deny the best possible quality life to anyone due to these fears is unreasonable. Limitations and restrictions can and will be established as the need arises.

  • Money is important

    Depending on how much money will be needed to use gene therapy, many people will not be able to afford it. Therefore rich people will be healthier, stronger, and smarter effecting how rich family's stay rich. Over use is a very real possibility to. Over use would lead to the world being very similar.

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