• Of course it should

    If a character is gay that's what they are. That's it. We don't call videogames that add heterosexual relationships or sex scenes political correctness or propaganda because it's not. Heterosexual relationships are normal. Homosexual relationships are normal. Asexual relationships are normal. That's it. No one is trying to force gayness down anyone's throats. Gay people exist so of course they're going to be in the media.

  • It's normal so yeah

    We don't call it political correctness or propaganda when we shove heterosexual sex scenes and relationships into videogames when it wasn't asked for because it doesn't need to be asked. Heterosexual relationships are normal. Homosexual relationships are normal. Some games demand that characters have relationships to further develop the plot and themselves so what's wrong with a character being gay. It's just gay people not terrorism!

  • Of course we should

    This isn't about being politically correct. It's about showing an accurate representation of the population. When playing games, Players should be able to experience it through a variety of viewpoints and frames of perspective and just like in real life, Some people are heterosexual and others aren't.
    Furthermore, We should see far more variety of playable characters from other branches of the LGTBQ+ community in the future.

  • What even is this? Of course!

    Honestly those other few comments are really weird lol. "We ShOuLdN'T cAtEr To MiNoRiTiEs! " So we shouldn't have black people or disabled people either? This is kind of ridiculous, It shouldn't even be a big deal (and lesbians are dying for representation man, Business pops when they hear about anything with lesbians in it lol)
    But all jokes aside, Diversity is beautiful! It opens up our minds and helps us see things in many different, Beautiful ways! But if you think that the gays™ aren't valid or somethin, Then dear god help yourself lol.
    Science has already went over this MANY TIMES, You guys. Gay people don't mentally hurt children or kill people. Sure, Some are annoying but there are annoying straight people too. Gay people are HUMANS. They've been stamped out of culture for the longest time, That's why people think its unnatural, Because historians have been LITERALLY erasing them from history.
    Okay, I've been talking a bit to much. . . Just. . . In conclusion, This shouldn't even be a question, Lesbians don't ruin games (They make them better imo) It doesn't do shit to your life lol. Just vibe and let vibe.

  • There is no such thing as being homophobic

    No offense but LGBTQ+ is disgusting same-sex relationships are absolutely ridiculous and makes me want to puke when I think about gay sex which is vile and evil Igame are already bad enough and will slow sales for people like me and governments resulting in a game flop, Don't add LGBTQ+

  • No just stop with political correctness already

    Video games are already ruined with Hackers, DLC’s, Microtransactions we don’t need the lgbt stuff pushed onto video games because the lgbt agenda is already way out of control along with political correctness trying to make everything gay or lesbian or trans. Just stop please we can’t deal with this anymore

  • No should not do that thing

    Stupid plot device catering to minorities why the frick do we need that in our games. This is proof of gamer oppression by corporations to be fair. First they put out dumb lootboxes and pay to win and nowe they forcefeed minority rights propaganda. Us gamers do not need to take this anymore

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