• Yes... We have so much to learn

    The world puts so much money into space exploration, but I think that we should get to know our own planet before we learn more about alien planets. There is so much in the ocean that we have not yet discovered, so why put so much money into space! At least split the funds between them.

  • yes, there is much to be learned

    A huge portion of our planet remains unexplored - and nearly all of it lies beneath the oceans. We could learn a great deal by exploring the ocean floor. There are doubtless new species that we could potentially learn from. And the technology we would develop to do this may have many other applications.

  • Yes there should be more effort in deep sea exploration.

    We should put more effort into deep sea exploration. Nations are sending space stations and shuttles into outer space while we haven't completely explored out own planet to its fullest potential yet. Our sea beds contain oil rich areas that would be useful to citizens across the world. This could increase supply and decrease costs of oil.

  • Yes, we should put more effort in deep sea oil exploration.

    I think that we should explore the possibilities of deep sea oil rigging. If we can find sources of oil that have not been really taken advantage of yet, then it can only be beneficial for us. America need to do all that it can to reduce it's dependance on foreign oil.

  • The use of fossil fuels is fast becoming obsolete

    It seems many of the yes arguments are missing the point and only looking at of exploring the deep sea, ignoring the oil exploration aspect. We need to end our use of fossil fuels, not look for ways to extend it. Investing in renewables or green alternatives to extracted fossil fuels (like biofuels and renewable natural gas) is a better use of money, technology and resources. Looking for more oil to extend our dependency does nothing to solve the problems of pollution, habitat destruction and anthropogenic climate change

  • No we should not explore more deep sea oil

    There isn't a need for more deep sea oil exploration. With massive oil fields in North Dakota, Alaska, Canada, we don't need to further be looking for more oil. What we really need to be doing is looking for alternatives to oil. Oil is a limited resources, that is both costly on the environment and on the economy. We need to find ways the cheapen solar, wind and hydroelectric energy.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I do not believe we should put more effort into deep sea oil exploration. I believe we need to stop our fascination with oil and we need to develop and use alternative sources of energy. We shouldn't rip the planet apart trying to get the last few drops of oil.

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