• What about the world around us?

    Nasa alone has created so many resources that we use in our daily lives, These materials have originally been used for/in space.
    Why don’t we stop funding for space exploreation and spend it on helping the poor countries?
    Well that’s easy, The technologies that space exploration have given us find other uses and find their ways into poorer countries, Therefore helpin them. If we cut funding/stop funding all together than the poorer countries would be worse than they already are.
    Thanks for coming to me ted talk -Ari

  • Space is the Future

    Both as a country and global population, we need to put more focus and spend more money on space exploration. Space exploration is an essential scientific endeavour for expanding our understanding of how the universe began and what it contains. Because of our rapid depletion of the resources on earth, it may be necessary for the human race to look for planets that could be a future home for us.

  • NASA fuels innovation

    Space Exploration has had a tremendous effect on the transformation of technology available for us. It has helped us improve communications technology exponentially. We also continue to learn about the materials and resources available beyond the limits of our planet. Many scientific breakthroughs from nicer tv's to having a greater understanding of the aging process have come through space innovation.

  • What about earth? What about us?

    We still don't know everything on our own planet! We got the ocean to explore first. Then there is also what is in the soil or ground of the earth. Many people on earth don't have money to eat or live in house's.About 22000 kids around our world die by poverty.The money that goes to NASA, millions of dollars, could be used to help people who go threw poverty.

  • No, we should not put MORE emphasis on Space Exploration

    In my opinion, there is not a call to place more emphasis on exploring and discovering in outer space. While I understand there may be benefits and I would not at all recommend stopping exploration, I feel we are doing all we need to do presently. There are more pressing matters to attend to on our own planet.

  • Let's focus on saving our own planet first.

    While I think space is cool and there's a lot more to our world than just the planet Earth, it might be nice that we conserved some of the funds used on space travel and exploration and used them to sort out our own planet first? I think the progress being made in space exploration is going at a steady enough pace, and we should not devote anymore time to other worlds until we make sure ours is a sustainable one.

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