• Funding for research pays for itself eventually.

    Research is a long term but ultimately very profitable investment for a culture. The payback time is longer than most corporations can stand so it is one of the things that it is best that government fund. Improvements in reproductive technology are likely to result in fewer disabled citizens, more productive citizens, better forms of birth control and, as always, serendipitous discoveries that are not predictable.

  • Reproductive technology is overrated

    Reproductive technology is very overrated and not conducive to something people want to invest into for the future. It has high risk and is very dangerous with no real facts to the success rate of reproductive technology. So the more funds you put into it the more risk you are adding to it as well.

  • The answer is in out food

    Reproductive technology is merely something that treats the symptoms of the problem. The real answer is that our diets are creating an environment that is causing people to have reproductive issues. People are living and eating unhealthy lives and this is cause issues with their reproductive functions. IF we fix the western diet we fix this issue and there won't be a need to fund reproduction technology.

  • No, enough is enough.

    No, I don't think that we should put more funding into reproductive technology. We have enough out their that specifically addresses the problems of reproduction. I think we should put funding into programs that help kids that are at risk have happier and healthy lives, and that should in the future take care of reproductive problems.

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