Should we put more money in colonizing the deep seas (yes), or space (no)?

Asked by: MysticEgg
  • Colonize the deep sea

    First of all I think we should because what if people from shipwrecks that dies are down there. What if e can go down there an explore new worlds. Also if we colonize then we can get money because we will get money for exploring new lands. This is why.

  • Colonizing the ocean is closer than space

    We haven't even seen all there is to see on our very own planet... Was there a world here before the oceans? Some say that was the world before the great (biblical) flood. Before the time of Noah or what about the entrance to the "Garden of Eden"? Could there be proof of a civilization before ours? Is it possible to harness the thermal power under the the earth's crust? Colonizing underwater could train us for colonizing in space and in case of emergencies, alot closer. Research colonies, mining colonies, farming colonies, connect these and you have a whole new world. I'm not talking about a town or hotel in 50 ft. Of water. I'm talking about the all in living at the bottom of the ocean, in a biosphere, tending the gardens and doing the research needed for the future investments, archeology, and/or the prospects of future life under the seas. Yes I would volunteer for this exciting adventure.

  • The Deep Blue

    Well we need to focus on something simple right now that will not take as much effort.What I am saying is that we can not build special house in space just yet.That would cost billions of dollars in research then more to build them.Now with the deep sea will still be expensive, but less then space.Space would be cooler , but we need to think smart not cool.

  • I think the seas.

    While Atlantis is probably little more than a legend; I think we have a greater chance of colonizing the deep seas and oceans than something like the Moon. While each will present their own challenges, I think more money should be put forward into investigating deep sea colonization options. I do support NASA's objectives 100%, but it seems that there's little to no mention of the number one alternative - the number one alternative which has a greater chance, in my opinion.

  • Space is more perspective.

    First of all, more planet will be colonized - more chance for human to survive in the case of some global disasters.
    Secondly, colonizing other planets need much more knowledge and higher technical level. And for me it's not something negative. It would be the engine of progress and help people to develop much faster.

  • The oceans have ecosystems

    The oceans have ecosystems that are fragile and could be destroyed by human colonization. The moon (and all other known parts of space) have no ecosystem. Therefore, I think it is preferable to colonize space instead of the deep seas. Also, there are far more natural resources available in space than the deep seas, and they would be easier to extract. Finally, there is only so much room on Earth, spreading beyond Earth is the best solution.

  • Seriously? Ocean colonization is even considered?

    Come on. Colonizing the ocean is such a bad idea, because pollution, it is too expensive, and anyways, other animals already live in the ocean. The idea of space colonization is much better. There is more room in outer space than the ocean. In space, opportunities are endless, and in the ocean, there aren't many.

  • There's already people living on another planets

    From research done by me and others you will come to find that there are not only people living on another planets but inside of this one and other planets.


    But thoughts of planet hopping sounds cool. Also for research there are some people that believe that humans actual came from mars and these same people believe that a lot of people will be moved to that planet, for reasons of saving this earth... Who knows your children or you might get to set foot on mars.

    Posted by: knu
  • We can't live underwater

    Human beings are land creatures. There should be no need to colonize the deep blue seas if we can't live underwater. Even with tunnels and in submarines, underwater just isn't a life for human beings. Plus, it will take too much money to colonize the oceans. It is expensive and difficult too. There is no point in colonizing the deep sea; the travel is too great and too vast. The area is too great to colonize. It will require extra needs such that every person would need a suit fit for underwater.

  • The sea is uninhabitable

    Primarily because of the pressure; the water pressure looming above anything living deep in the ocean is too much for our technology to handle. While space is more distant and dangerous, the planets can change possibly to the benefit of humans (although not always). Also, we do not destroy our native ecosystems which would compromise the quality and standard of life on Earth as a whole.

    Posted by: wn

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Ragnar says2013-09-08T01:05:23.300
There's a poll section for this kind of thing...
MysticEgg says2013-09-08T08:18:36.153
Meh. I wanted an opinion. Technically, any opinion can now be a poll.
Ragnar says2013-09-09T16:07:15.007
The poll section allows better range of multiple choice; a perfect place for a good range of false dilemmas.
The opinion section is just for yes/no type questions.
MysticEgg says2013-09-09T17:27:23.673
I contend that any opinion can now be a poll in some form. Maybe you're right. Oh well, it's an opinion now. ;D