• We should, but we never will.

    No, I don't think we should put trade ahead of human rights. Unfortunately, in many places of the world, we do just that. We talk a lot of noise about how human life is sacred and special. But when it comes down to making money, we can become really cruel to our fellow humans if they get in the way.

  • Not at all

    No, we do not need to put trade of human rights, because the rights that are given to the public is what makes this world have governments that can run smoothly, and not get over run by the people in the country. I think that human rights should be first.

  • Human rights come first.

    Trade should never come before human rights. Human rights are so integral to the way we treat each other within our own countries and internationally. If we were to put the sale of goods in front of the rights of people, we would have much more misery in the world than we already do.

  • No, human rights are the foundations of this planet.

    The United Nations is founded based on preserving the human rights of countries across the planet. Trade is important, sure, but there wouldn't be trade if human rights were horrible. We cannot go back to the Triangular Trade and start trading slaves. This is a better world, and human rights are more imporant here.

  • Trade helps human rights.

    No, we should not put trade ahead of human rights, because I could never enjoy something that was made with child labor. If a country is open to trade, however, they can find new markets for their goods. When an economy prospers, they put laws in place about child labor. The two are not necessarily opposed to each other.

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